Good 2 Grow Drink Review.

You can’t see me! But you can read these words on your screen of choice. Maybe you want to buy fun drinks for your child. Especially as school is staring up again. Maybe, like me, you’re an overgrown man child who is going to justify spending $3.50 on a 10 ounce fruit flavored beverage solely because of the toy on top.

This was displayed on an end cap in front of the cash registers at our local Walmart. My wife made the mistake of pointing out the John Cena topped one. I could ignore the super heroes, cartoons, and video game ones. I didn’t “need” it. But crossover wrestling merchandise and marketing is still few and far between. This is the same reason I bought the Big Show and Becky Lynch cereal boxes. Also the same reason there are empty cans of Surge in storage.

I’ve seen these little Podz things before usually alongside the Pokemon cards and assorted blind bags. I didn’t feel anything towards them. It’s a snow globe that stacks. I would rather take the same amount of money and buy one of those DC 100 page giants instead. When it’s possible to find them. Which out of the three Walmarts in our area I can only find them at one.

However and again, there was something odd about John Cena here that I had to have it. Another doo dad for the shelves. My wife agreed, and really, it’s her fault for pointing it out to me. This drink came home and sat for a few days. I have it. I own it. I now possess this Podz toy. The drink inside is secondary. But ever since I tried saving a Star Trek: The Next Generation chocolate bar (Geordi version) and one day discovered mouse teeth marks all over it, I don’t keep actual food in my collections anymore. Just the empty and cleaned packages.

Nights later I opened this up with dinner. Knowing I would need more to drink. At only 10 ounces it’s not going to be enough for the whole meal, but it’s a start. Break the seal, rip off the foil. The Podz topper does screw back on in case you or your child only drinks part of this and then sets it aside for later. Or you reuse it with water.

Anyways, the orange mango flavor was pretty good. No corn syrup. A pear juice base with the orange and mango flavors added. But the mango was the stronger flavor and actually pretty good. Tart then sweet and in a way that doesn’t taste like any other citrus fruit. Really a wake up for the tongue leaving you thinking, “why don’t I eat mangos more often?”

Most interesting about the toy is the lack of logos. This is John Cena. Not WWE Superstar John Cena. No wrestling logos, no catch phrases. John Cena may as well be Mr John Deere with the lack of copyrighted images on his PVC form. I’m guessing he has some sort of new deal which allows him to use his name and brand for non WWE properties.

Even if there are more wrestling versions of this gimmick, I won’t be buying them. Which, again, I don’t think there will be because this does not appear to be through WWE at all. If a Rock or Hulk Hogan one shows up I’ll most likely pass. But there is a world in which a non wrestling brand appears and I have to have them. She-Ra would probably work.

$3.50 is a lot but $1.75 for a drink for your kid and $1.75 for a cheap toy sounds reasonable. This is the same thing, just in one item for what seems to be an inflated price. It’s really not a bad price when broken down like that. And there’s worst things to buy your kid just to keep them quiet.

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