This is the Way… to Breakfast (Star Wars Mandalorian cereal).


With Baby Yoda (the Child) marshmallows! Part of this complete breakfast.

It’s not a bad cereal but I think a ball was dropped when it was handed to the Child. The front of the box does everything it’s supposed to do. Big logo. Big character picture. Enlarged to show detail photo of the cereal. But the back is just there.

It’s cool. I like it. I would like it as a series of cards from Topps called “Mandalorian Attacks”. But it is the entire back of the box. What happened to having reading material with your cereal? That was part of breakfast. Take the cool sugar cereal and read about the mascot’s adventures. Maybe there’s a cool toy inside and some sort of tie in information about it. Get a baking soda submarine and read about submarines on the back of the box! Nope. Not here. Blown up trading card.

Plus, and I hadn’t even thought of it until that previous paragraph but – where the hell is the toy?! It’s Star Wars. The brand that single handed changed merchandise and capitalism. If anything, any Tiger, Sea Captain, Bakery chefs, Leprechauns, any of them in the cereal aisle had a built in excuse to include a toy this is it. It’s not like the cereal came out during season one when there was no merchandise in order to keep the twists and reveals a secret. Season two is nigh, and a tiny inaction PVC Star Wars toy should be included here.

The cereal itself is fine. Not ground breaking, but tasty and familiar. A lot like a bowl of Kix with some marshmallows inside. I’m not sure if marshmallows would be Mom approved. The ratio is about as healthy as a cereal with marshmallows could be.

I ate it, it was a good breakfast. But I’m not excited at all for the cereal. There’s a good chance unless there’s a second version with a toy or maybe a comic back I’ll never buy it again. Which the whole point of Star Wars is finding ways to get more money out of the same people repeatedly.

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