Heroes of Wrestling Thoughts from 2012.

I am not watching this pay per view again. I have too much going on with my own site, two podcasts, work, home, back to school, projects, and more. I’m absolutely refusing to spend 3 hours watching this show again as part of the At Odds with Wrestling homework. 

All support to At Odds, I love the podcast and usually love doing the homework to discover or rediscover some great wrestling. Not this week. This is the worst wrestling ppv ever. I watched it live. I watched it again because I guess I felt like hurting myself.

What really got me is I was sure that there was a post on the previous version of the blog about this show. I know I watched it within say the last 10 years. And I’m right! But it was part of a podcast I used to do that was hosted on the previous site and is long offline. Plus it sounds bad. Echos. Volume. A good conversation, but not great audio. Joining me on this episode is my friend Rob who went on to host a ridiculously successful paranormal podcast.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with the other 50 plus shows. I do think I want to re-host them here just for history.

If you really, I mean really, want to know my thoughts on this PPV click on the listen link. Or stay tuned for a more recent viewing and better audio later today on At Odds with Wrestling.

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