Kellogg’s Monster Sequel.

Welcome back to more Halloween time discussion of creepy spooky food variations. Each and every year pop culture bloggers wait for this moment to marvel at million and billion dollar brands playing with their usual format for this month. Today, let’s look at Kellogg’s offerings. Frosted Flakes. Apple Jacks. Froot Loops.

And, it’s the same as last year.

Much like the Count Chocula family of flavors was a repeat, so are these counter offerings. Is it because of a COVID world? Maybe. But these brands need to take a lesson from horror movie sequels. If you don’t give the audience something new, that audience will leave. There’s going to be lots of boxes of these cereals showing up at Ollie’s in December.

Anyways, here’s all the pictures so you can compare to last year’s boxes.

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