VampBlade Volume 11 Review.

From Action Lab Danger Zone.

Created and Written by Jason Martin. Artwork by Marco Maccagni. Colored by Valentina Pucci. Lettered by Alex Scherkenbach.

This volume collects issues 5-8 of Season Four. AKA ongoing issues 42-45. I’ll also include Vampblade #46 (Season 4 #9) in this review, which starts the next arc leading up to issue 50.


This is the first bit of VampBlade I’ve read. There is a review of Amalga on the site, which is part of the same universe, but I had not met VampBlade – any version of her – before. The issue starts and I’m thrown into the middle of time travel, body possession, alternate versions, then an alien invasion, and the heroes enhancing their powers and altering their costumes.

And it is an absolute blast that I can’t wait to continue reading.

The art style reminds me of Bruce Timm. Super clean, simple looking but not actually simple at all. Bright colors. A pleasure to look at every page. But then the facials, the designs, the little quirks and details show a manga influence. I hate when I’m picking up a manga and someone else picks it up thinking this cute drawing means all ages fear. Then their look of shock when the violence and sex jumps out right away –  without reading a word of the larger story – and I become the victim of disgust.

I can see all of that happening with VampBlade. The pearl clutching reaction of “OMG, she has boobs!” Yes she does. And not only are they drawn great, but they are not going to get in the way of this incredible story of and Earth invasion and a crazy group forced together as the planet’s last stand.

Where did Jason Martin come from? I want locations, years, and whether or not his home had cable. I want details. Because this comic is just so balls out crazy and absolutely fearless I want to know not only his influences, but also where that confidence comes from. This is a creation as strong as it’s creators. A book that says, screw every one else, we have a fun story to tell and we’re going to tell it. If you’re in, join us. If not, get out of our way. It’s unapologetic sex sci-fi super heroes that takes everything crazy that came before and mixes it up into this new idea that is unlike anything else on the stands today.

If you’re a kid that put “All Image” on your pull list in the 1990’s, put “all Action Lab” on your current list.


Hey, here’s a little bonus feature. I’ve been listening to music that seems to fit with the comics I read lately. Giving them a soundtrack of my own creation. It’s been fun and adds more to the experience. Here is my playlist for VampBlade:

Powerman 5000 “Nobody’s Real”

Static-X “Push It”

Saliva “Your Disease”

Dope “Rebel Yell”

Soil “Halo”


Let me know if you enjoy these songs, or have your own play list.

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