Asian Market Trip Part 2.

Part 1 came out three weeks ago, so it’s time to get back to this story and then proceed to post food reviews.

I knew the set up of the market thanks to the previously mentioned news piece. Park in the back lot, come in the back door. I was actually parked close by at a neighboring store so I crossed through a couple lots to get to their back entrance.

Upon walking in past a little sink on my right and a Coca Cola cooler on my left I wasn’t sure about this. Another foot in front of me and the space opens up. Shelves all along every wall, which is why the front entrance isn’t used, plus two aisles in the middle. The space is small but they pack every inch with product. It makes sense to zig zag through the few aisles, then come around to the last one right in front of the cash register. Which, coincidentally, is where a lot of the candy is located.

There were always between 4-6 other customers the entire time I was there. One person would leave, and a couple would come in moments later. While the store is small and there’s tons of product plus some other customers I always felt there was enough space for me to make my way through and take my time looking at everything.

So much product is above my current culinary levels. Different kinds of rice and noodles. There were multiple coolers with fish and vegetables. All stuff that looks amazing, but I do not know how to make things. Yet.

My two goals were to find some snacks and some high grade ramen. We’ve all bought the super cheap top ramen for pennies a package. But this store had what I was looking for. The slightly more expensive kinds. Maybe a dollar a package. Still cheap, but the quality is so much better. I might have cheap ramen again as a snack but I’ll never buy anything other than these kinds for a meal ever again.

I found some beverages in the next aisle over and bought any that looked cool. Finally I come around to the cash register side and wait my turn. Everyone is being polite. Everyone is happy with this store. The owner and his wife and addressing everyone individually and are on a first name basis with the majority of them. This is all going on while I’m at the mother load. The Kit-Kat display.

Japan has a love affair with Kit Kats and I share that love. All kinds of crazy fruit and plant and who knows what based flavors are there. Of course, these are much more expensive than the normal chocolate kind we’re all familiar with. Didn’t matter. I settled on one green tea matcha bag of Kit Kats. All of the other flavors look amazing and will be had at some point, but the matcha was today’s goal.

I came up with my arms over flowing with product. As I sheepishly set them down I mentioned that I think I have a problem in here. The owner dead pans back, doesn’t look like a problem to me. Well played sir. Overall considering that everything had to be a bit higher in price due to shipping, it was reasonable. This isn’t going to be my new everyday grocery store, but it will be a regular trip anytime I’m in my hometown.

Now, let’s get to the food. I’ll try to not spend 3 weeks in between these posts again. Ramen, coffee, milk, chocolates, and more coming soon to my tummy and your eyes.

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