Twin Worlds #1-3 Comic Book Review.

From Action Lab Danger Zone. Writer: Rami Al-ashqar. Artist: Jethro Morales. Colors: Bryan Magnaye. Letters: Lucas Gattoni.

In the future, a portal opens above Earth. After years of scientific study, probes, and satellites, a group of heroic Earthers travel through the portal. They discover the world of Tassaroth. A fantasy planet with a medieval people of swords and sorcerors. And dragons. Oh, and a substance which they discover can be used as fuel or a drug. As humanity has shown throughout history this means the exploring Earthers become invaders and a two planet years long war begins.

Much like real war, there are no real heroes here. The Earthers absolutely are in the wrong, but isn’t this what exploration has always been about? Find a new land and exploit it for profit. The Drakkaran people have already been fighting a war against the rival Zila tribe. The Zilas turn on their fellow Tassaroth people and side with the Earthers. There are grabs for power, tainted bloodlines, and past events influencing current opinions and actions.

The concept is brilliant and brings in so many genres along with their fans. Fantasy, sci-fi, royalty, and war. To create one new world is difficult. Two is impressive as hell. The events of each planet’s people feels genuine to the morals and history of their respective worlds.

Every bit of art, coloring, and lettering keeps this expansive tale crystal clear to follow. Ears, uniforms, blasts, colored texts. It all combines to make a huge complicated story easy for any reader no matter their previous level of experience with epics.

I found myself absolutely invested with this tale and I see potential for many years and dozens upon dozens of issues. Warriors questioning the side they’ve chosen. Moral quandaries. Children of both worlds that feel welcome in neither. And what could happen if the Drakkaran people go through the portal to Earth?

As fantastic as this story is, there are of course real world parallels. Whether it be the founding of the United States or private companies looking towards space. There will always be financial motivations behind exploration.

And, hey, here’s a new thing I’m trying. This is my themed soundtrack I listened to while reading the series.

Mick Gordon “BFG Division”

Amon Amarth “Twilight of the Thunder God”, “The Pursuit of Vikings”

Sabaton “The Lost Battalion”, “Ghost Division”

Dragonforce “Through the Fire and Flames”

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