Killswitch Volume 1 Review.

From Action Lab Comics. Writers – Susan Bridges, Jeffrey Bridges. Artist – Walter Geovani.

In the future a new group of persecuted humans emerge. Augers are able to see the future but are held as prisoners and exploited as soon as their powers emerge. Marcella, a major in this interplanetary military, turned in her own brother as an Auger. Once Marcella realizes the truth behind Augers and those who control them she seeks to make amends for the damage she has helped cause.

This comic moves fast. So fast sometimes I was worried that my copy was missing pages. Volume 1 is packed with excitement, world building, character building, twists and turns, and all of it will keep readers constantly off balance as they fear the worse.

Marcella leads a group of Augers to free not only their bodies but also their place in the public eye. To change the mind of a society that hates and fears them. Yes, that rings of X-Men but this is nothing like X-Men. If anything it’s about servitude. Those in power manipulating the gifts of a group of people to their own profit.

The art kept everything crystal clear in this new world. Every character had their own unique body and hair despite sharing the same uniform. This helped keep the cast recognizable in a situation that other artists would have made confusing.

If there is any complaint it is the previously mentioned speed of the plot. I wish the story was given more room to breathe. This is an epic sci-fi tale with hints of a huge backstory that got everyone here. A back story that sounds just as interesting as everything that is presented within. I would have enjoyed a classic six issues graphic novel for volume one featuring Marcella learning the truth of the Auger program but stopping short of changing her attitude. I don’t think that is any knock against the story to say my least favorite part is wanting more.

Action Lab has continuously impressed me with their releases and I look forward to even more in the future. I can see it coming, like an Auger. Marcella, come save me!

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