Fire Power Volume 1: Prelude Graphic Novel Review.

From Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics. Written by Robert Kirkman. Art by Chris Samnee. Colors by Matt Wilson. Letters by Rus Wooton.

This comic came out at an awful time. As a country we were mostly shut down. The comic industry was closed up for a bit. The Walking Dead ended not that long ago. Then here comes the new Robert Kirkman book in the middle of it. Not zombies, not super heroes. Some martial arts epic. I, along with a lot of readers, said I’ll get to it eventually.

Eventually came and everyone is sleeping on this book. This should be talked about alongside The Walking Dead or Invincible. If this was a TV show it would be everyone’s new favorite TV show. The plot moves so well, makes so much sense, is familiar and yet brand new.

Orphan Owen Johnson wanted to know who his parents were. He travelled for answers and that led him to a temple, then another, and so on until there is only one more mysterious temple left that might have answers. Along the way he has studied every martial art at every temple and grown in skill. But is that enough to earn the answers he seeks? As with many who seek answers, Owen will find out they create more questions.

We meet a teacher, a rival, a love interest, an enemy, and… maybe or maybe not something legendary locked away. Everything in this new world looks so cool. Every character is bad ass. The temple is gorgeous. The fights are just incredible. I have nothing but respect but I never thought I would be hooked on a martial arts comic but here we are.

I’m left angry that so far this is the only collection. Single issues are coming out and the second collection is nigh. I feel embarrassed I was slacking on this comic until now. How are we as readers who all skipped issue one of that silly zombie comic years ago still waiting on the next from Kirkman? I want to know if Owen will be the first person in a thousand years to wield the fire power while I am the first person on my block to wield the latest issue.

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