Well…. for 10/21/2020.

Anyone remember this column? This was meant to be a way to discuss anything going on with my life or the site. A house keeping weekly column. But I don’t think I’ve ever done one for this version of the site. A lot has happened in the last year. So what better time to touch base with all the readers.

I specifically say last year because this week is the anniversary of Masked Ephemera. Remember that? That was the first name I thought of in the rebranding. I liked it, still do, but it’s tough to say on podcasts. It’s also a word enough people aren’t familiar with and I found myself having to explain it. Once I started working at the library in real life that became part of my identity and the current name was born. Next month there will most likely be a one year later post on that dramatic change in my life. Someone remind me to do that and the rest of you, stay tuned.

Recently I realized a couple things about how I think. My own internal psychology. It was actually really helpful and I’m planning on applying this new knowledge to all aspects of my life moving forward. One comes from something actor Khary Payton said on an episode of Fatman Beyond. To paraphrase: There’s someone out there that needs to hear what I have to say, because I’m the only one that can say it in the way that will matter. Is that a review that gets someone to read a comic that influences their life? Maybe. Or something said on a podcast. Or, maybe it’s time to create in addition to react. The ideas for comics, books, projects, and more are overwhelming and I need to put that out there. Those who follow me on social media know I have a love/hate affair with the concept. It is needed for modern day networking. But I also don’t need to read and see every single post from everyone. I don’t need to react in anger to something a friend of a friend of a co worker posted.

Also, I realized that I get upset when my amount of energy is not equally reciprocated. This goes back my whole life. Family, friends, school, work, everything. If I’m giving you everything I have and you don’t return that I’m going to get upset and stop putting that level out there. Busting my ass for a job where I’m told I’m replaceable. Dating and not getting a phone call back. Even, promoting others and not getting any promotion back.

So what do I want to put out there and maybe get some of that energy back? There’s lots of reviews for both brand new stuff and I’ve been buying a lot of classic material too to dive into. I was working on some interviews with other bloggers but that idea is changing. I also have a podcast idea for 2021 but I want to make sure I can actually do it.

Most of all though, I think I have to get one of these stories out. Write a script. Start sending it around. Cross my fingers. I love being the library. But I’m going to love seeing my name on the spine even more.

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  1. Good luck and hope you achieve your goals. I have tried myself several times and never seem to see them through to completion in a way that is satisfactory enough to my high standards.

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