WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 Predictions.

It’s time for another pay per view, and time for me to guess what will happen. This show is probably 2 1/2 to 3 hours and has… 5 matches announced? Hours before the show? I’ve watched Attitude Era PPVs with 5 matches in the first hour. This seems like a quickly thrown together event. Maybe just getting something on camera for October but focusing on the November Survivor Series for anything “important” to happen.

Let’s make the best of it though. Here is what I think will happen tonight based off of where I’m guessing the stories go next.

Otis vs. The Miz (with John Morrison). Money in the Bank briefcase is on the line.

I think WWE regrets having Otis win MITB. There hasn’t been any clear plan or build for him. He is far away from the title picture. Just bouncing around as a comedy act. I could see Miz cashing in though. I could also see Miz being a good foil for Otis to chase. I think something needs to happen for this story to continue in a way that makes Otis more popular and an opportunity to look like he belongs in that main event level.

Winner: Miz. Who will then put the MITB up against Otis again in a later PPV.

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias.

On the podcast we keep mentioning matches that feel like a fine TV match but not of good enough quality or interest to be worth a PPV slot. That is this match. Nothing against either guy. But why would I pay money to see this match?

Winner: Jeff Hardy. Because Elias has been full of starts and stops and no huge wins.

Bayley (Smackdown women’s champion) vs. Sasha Banks in a Hell in a Cell match.

If Sasha doesn’t eventually beat Bayley then what was the reason for any of this? I also think heel Bayley coming after Sasha to get her belt back is a more interesting story for the next couple months and PPVs. Every bit of this long term story says tonight is the night to change it up leading into the next chapter.

Winner and new champion: Sasha Banks.

Drew McIntyre (Raw world champion) vs Randy Orton in a Hell in a Cell match.

I just don’t see money in giving Randy yet another title reign. But Drew is busting his ass, still has many years ahead of him, and is carrying the Monday night show as well as any one can in this strange COVID era. Plus with the recent Draft there are plenty of fresh feuds for him to get involved in. Keep the title on Drew for now.

Winner and still champion: Drew McIntyre.

Roman Reigns (Smackdown world champion) vs Jey Uso in a Hell in a Cell “I Quit” match. If Jey loses, pretty much he and his brother have to be Roman’s bitches or else they’re kicked out of the family.

I mean Roman is winning, right? If this wasn’t for the title I could accept it’s possible Jey knocks out Roman or something and wins an I Quit match. But there is just no way he’s winning the title. Roman is keeping this until most likely WrestleMania.

Winner and still champion: Roman Reigns.

So what do you think will happen tonight? Let me know in the comments or on social media.

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