Kit Kat Yuzu Matcha Review.

Part of the Asian Market food reviews!

This was the main thing I was looking for. Years ago, damn maybe the last time I was there, I went into the Hershey’s candy store in Times Square and bought some green tea chocolates. They were amazing. Some of the best sweets I’ve ever had in my life. It was that flavor that I was seeking again.

I messed up a little bit. I found this package, marked “matcha” and assumed it was a Kit Kat version of the same flavor. Completely missing the “yuzu” part. The word before the word I was looking for. So my taste buds were a bit surprised when I ate the first one. This is matcha, and kind of the same taste I’m looking for. But not quite. There’s something different here.

From Wikipedia “yuzu is a citrus fruit…of East Asian origin… a hybrid of mandarin orange and the ichang papeda.” So, not something I was ever going to come across on my own at my local produce department. Also not a taste I’ve ever had before. Once I realized my matcha flavor was spiked with an exotic citrus I tried it again with fresh taste buds.

Delicious. The yuzu spikes some parts of matcha that aren’t brought to light on their own. There’s a bitterness that is the predominant flavor but then the next crunch brings a sweet along with the matcha. The flavors come together surprisingly well. A hot or cold green tea with a yuzu shot adding flavor would be a great drink night or day.

While the import price bothers me – this was $7 for a bag – I enjoyed it more than I’ve been enjoying the “normal” varieties lately. I’m more than willing to pay about double would I would for the regular version for this flavor that I enjoy much more.

The Asian Market is going to be a special trip and not weekly because I just can’t drop that much money on groceries that only I would eat. Also, on my next trip I’ll be spending $14 on Kit Kats because I need to buy another bag of these plus another new flavor to try.

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