Mountain Dew Violet Review.

This wasn’t found at the Asian Market I’ve been discussing recently. This one can be found at your local FYE. When I first saw the beverage it was $5 for a 12 ounce can and I said you’re out of your mind. I’m not paying that much to try a new soda. I have never been a big fan of Mountain Dew grape flavors. I try Pitch Black, any version so far, and it takes me about a week to sip through a bottle. Grape isn’t a go to flavor for me. And, to be honest, white grape is better.

However, a month of so later these same cans were down to $1.99. Not only that, they were buy one get one at that price! 2 dollars for 2 cans makes a ton of sense. I bought two with the thought if this is really good I’ll be back for more at this price.

Instead, the second can will never be opened. Rather, it will never be drank. It will be opened and dumped down the drain. Then I will recycle the can. But I will never drink this again in my life.

You know that crazy stomach memory that only happens when you’re sick? From the moment you lock yourself inside of the bathroom every bit of food and drink consumed in the last 24 hours comes back into focus. Most come and go without incident. But the moment you think of the food that is causing your current condition your stomach reacts. Flinching. Don’t hurt me anymore. I drank this can while also eating one of those fund raiser chicken BBQ dinners. Chicken, salt potatoes, and slaw. I thought it was delicious. Other people ate it. None of them are sick. However I am the only one in this social circle that also had Violet with the meal.

I am also the only one who was so violently sick on Sunday night that the neighbor heard and texted my wife asking if I’m okay. I’m the only one who has had to call out of work for two days because the bubbling gassy and more gross details stomach pain will not go away. Between my commute and the physical parts of my job I can’t guarantee that I could do these tasks and also not have any embarrassing moments. I’m still sitting here unsure of myself. I had hot coffee, tea, ginger ale, some cider ginger medicine thing my wife makes, Tums, and a bowl of oatmeal since Sunday night to try to feel better. Still hurting.

Thankfully the drink wasn’t anything special. It was more of a seltzer implied flavoring than full blown flavor. Swish it around in my mouth a bit and think yeah maybe I taste something grape-ish. Before getting sick I was already glad I didn’t spend too much money on this. It barely existed. Like when the syrup in the fountain machine needs to be changed out.

I wonder if this is a sign I shouldn’t drink anything imported. Packed, shipped, stored, with multiple temperature changes along the way. It reminds me of another time near 20 years ago when I was also violently ill, most likely from something that turned but I was the only one drinking it.

If you can’t guess by now, I’ll say take a pass on this beverage. Unless you are actually in Japan and can drink it fresh.

I’m going to go back to hoping this goes away.

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