Dragonfly and Dragonflyman Graphic Novel Review.

Collecting the 2019 Free Comic Book Day release and issues 1-5 from Ahoy Comics.

Tom Peyer – Writer. Peter Krause – Artist. Russ Braun – Artist. Juan Castro – Finishes. Leonard Kirk – Finishes. Andy Troy and Paul Little with Kelly Fitzpatrick – Colors. Rob Steen – Letters.

This book actually suggest reading The Wrong Earth first. Which I did. Well, kind of. I did read the FCBD book last year and thought this series sounds great but then never picked it up. Until now.

While it is suggested to read the Wrong Earth first I think I wish I read this first. These two characters, by design being so similar yet different, would have been fun to become familiar with before they switched planets in The Wrong Earth. If I had known more about the light that is Dragonflyman or the darkness of Dragonfly through six issues of parallel stories like the ones collected here, I would have reacted stronger to the cracked mirror alternate worlds that swap in the other collection.

In fact I’m close to wishing that these two characters were built up for a year before crossing over. Much like a slow build pro wrestling story line. Keep them apart, keep the worlds apart and spend a year building up and building up so when it happens the consumer goes nuts. I loved The Wrong Earth without being given reasons to care for these characters. These six issues give me lots of reasons to care about both Dragons, their sidekicks, rouges, and cities. I understand their methods and morals better which would have made the complimentary collection that much more impactful.

Unlike so many other super hero books today, either book can be read on its own with complete enjoyment. This collection of similar adventures on both worlds was an amazing way to explore heroics and our decisions. At some point those in these fictional worlds and us today went from Boy Scouts to vigilantes. At best, we’re the silent ones causing others to believe our silence equals endorsement.

Is Dragonflyman’s world hokey? Of course. But couldn’t we all use some of that right now. Is Dragonfly’s world without any moral code? Looks like it, but while he’s stopping criminals he’s not stopping the bend of society in that direction.

I’m impressed that these creators haven’t gone nuts living in these split worlds page after page. Shades, clothing, choreography, architecture, language – all of it differs between Earth Alpha and Earth Omega. Each bit of it adding to their own worlds but also adding to the other. By showing what does exist in their own worlds, they are also showing what doesn’t exist in the other.

We’re in such a golden age of incredible comic stories but much like what’s happened to music – you have to hunt for it. Not everything is as dark and awful as Dragonfly would have us believe. With a little hunting we can find the brighter world of Dragonflyman. But the funny thing is, once the light is finally grasped, the darkness becomes tempting and enjoyable again.

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