Wonder Woman Sweet Tarts Ropes.

These look fantastic. Thanks to shut downs this movie has yet to come out. Which means Walmart put all of it on clearance. Damn shame. I’m curious if a lot of this merchandise for 2020 movies will be re-released next year.

Anyways. I’m not a huge fan of Sweet Tarts. Usually some appear around Halloween, I have a couple, and I’m good for the year. Nerd Ropes are good but not enough to buy often. I was expecting this to be some sort of combination of the two. And it was, but also a third I didn’t expect.

The Sweet Tart flavor is there for sure. Then there’s a tropical punch. Hi-C, Kool Aid, store brand fruit bunch flavor. But look at the shape and imagine the texture of the ropes. It is also horribly reminiscent of Cow Tails. The chocolate foamy chewy strands with an even faker creamy filling.

Let me tell you, nothing goes together quite like fruit flavors and dairy. I’m going to need super powers to recover from those flavors combining inside of my stomach.

I’m glad I did find this on clearance. I had maybe 3, took the pictures, and threw the rest away. I’m fine with wasting 2 bucks on disappointment but anything more would have been upsetting.

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