The Major Sickness Chronicles.

As discussed on today’s all new episode of The House Show podcast, I was horribly sick two weeks ago now. Quite possibly the worst illness of my life. It took an entire week away from me and was scary at times. I told a bit of the story on the show, but to expand upon that and for those who might not listen to the retro wrestling podcast – here’s the tale.

Sunday afternoon I ate lunch. Check for previous posts on this page for the Mountain Dew Violet review. I drank that along with some fund raiser chicken thing. This came to me through one of my wife’s friends. It was chicken, salt potatoes, and slaw. It was dropped off Saturday and I ate it the next day.

One of these things started hitting me wrong Sunday night. In fact, moments after I finished the drink and meal I stopped having anything. No desire for drink or food. At night it really hit and I started violently throwing up. Somewhere around 10 or 11 at night. My wife’s friend went to the store to pick up ginger ale, Gatorade, crackers, and all the usual stuff. My wife was telling me to call in sick to work but I really thought I would feel better in the morning. Throw up, get it out, go to bed, all better.

That didn’t happen. Monday morning I called in when I realised that while I might not be throwing up any more I could not do my job to any passable level. As the day went on I felt better. We even got pizza that night. I felt that good and thought I was fine. This was horribly wrong and come Monday night I’m throwing up again and having horrible stomach cramps with no relief.

Called in again on Tuesday morning. Said I think I’ll be better the next day. And as the day went on I once again felt better. Now all I’ve had all day is a bagel. I had hot coffee, hot tea, and a salad as the day went on. My thought was any food that usually gets things moving would be helpful. If I could just do that then I would finally feel better.

Nope. Late past midnight Tuesday night into Wednesday morning was the worst part of it. I was getting sick regularly throughout the night but the in between times were the worst. My stomach felt so bloated and puffy and dare I say yeasty I couldn’t stand or sit. I only found a bit of comfort by laying on the bathroom floor, using a hand towel as a pillow. This was by far the worst. While sitting was 100% pain, laying on the floor was maybe 90-95%. Just enough to break it. Around 4 in the morning I debated screaming for my wife to call an ambulance but something finally kicked in and I felt a bit of relief. Enough to get up and lay in bed.

I didn’t even bother setting an alarm the next day. I called work when I woke up for a moment and said I don’t know what’s wrong but it still hasn’t broke. Work is now concerned about me. I fell back asleep, not waking up until maybe 11 AM. I see my boss had called and left a message. Because it’s 2020 and I’ve now been sick 3 days in a row my employer would like me to get a COVID test before I can return. I now know for sure I have Thursday and Friday off. Which is a bit of a relief. But now to figure out this test.

There are a couple of options in our area. About 20-30 minutes away is a facility doing the 15 minute tests. Problem is I don’t feel that I can drive that far, and sit until a room is ready for me, without having some sort of accident. It’s that bad. Instead I go for the 2-5 day test about 2 miles down the road.

That facility was great. Did most of it over the phone. Sat in the car and came in when they were ready for me. Had a quick but pleasant talk with the people that examined me. Best of all, the COVID test was not as bad as I anticipated. It’s not something I would do daily for fun. However, it felt more like a bug flying up my nose or getting water shot up there instead of my fear that I would feel it in my cerebellum.

I call work to give an update and then do nothing for the day. I ate BART stuff. Some toast, banana, and kept it light. I know I have two more days plus the weekend and I just want to feel better. There should be nothing left in me like the original meal, or pizza, or maybe even the salad to irritate me.

Something was still left. Wednesday night into Thursday morning was almost as bad as the night before. Almost. I was again laying on the floor in pain and right about to call for my wife. I kept thinking I can’t do this two nights in a row. I need help. Right when I felt a break in pain so I could get up and wake her, I fell asleep. Right there on the floor with that same towel pillow. Looking back, I think I felt the sickness break. Much like a head cold when there is that “pop” feeling. I passed out on the floor for a few hours. When I woke up I was shocked I could move. I got up and laid down somewhere more comfortable.

Come morning I woke up feeling better but I felt better most mornings. I was so gun shy. I called work to check in and say I didn’t have an update. We started to debate if I could do Halloween. We told friends and family I had to get COVID tested in case they were concerned. I never had a fever, never lost taste or smell, none of that. But it is 2020 and we’re still learning about this disease. It was better to be safe and keep everyone aware for nothing than be wrong and look like we were withholding something.

I think there was one quick throw up somewhere after Wednesday night. More a fluke than anything else. I was still being very careful and laying down most of the day, but I felt better. Friday I checked in and a few hours later got the negative results. Thankfully. Too late to go into work, but now I know I’m good for the next week. Best of all I knew I could do Halloween with my family. So much has been ruined this year I didn’t want to be the cause of one more ruin.

Some things I learned is I need a diet change. I haven’t had any fast food since. I haven’t had a glass of soda since. A sip of something my wife is drinking maybe but no cans or bottles. Sugar free Powerade became my friend during this and now I want some nearby. While I’m happy I didn’t have COVID I now no longer fear the test. The unknown is now known and that helps.

However, the scary thing is not knowing what exactly caused this. I don’t want any fund raiser chicken ever again. And that imported Mountain Dew is no longer welcome in my house. It’s scary to think you know your own body and then have it revolt against you for a week. I’m also grateful I left the world of retail last year. At my current job I have sick time, and had not used it all up. Which meant I was able to lose a week of work but not a week of pay. If I was still in retail, this would have crushed us. I would have most likely had to borrow money from someone just to get us caught up. Which is a sad statement on our modern society. Sickness happens. If not to yourself, to your partner, or your child. It’s no one’s fault. It also means no one should have to live in fear of their entire life falling apart just because of a stomach bug.

You think of a lot of interesting things while passed out on a bathroom floor.

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