At Odds with Wrestling Homework: Chikara Dark Ciberknetico.

Taking place October 23, 2010 and assigned on the most recent episode of At Odds with Wrestling. Each and every week there isn’t a PPV, Joe and Adam alternate assigning a wrestling show from the vaults. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, almost always I tag along to provide my own thoughts.

This event was picked by Joe and under a previous identity he provides commentary on this show.

Brodie Lee vs Dasher Hatfield.

Brodie cuts a promo backstage. He looks ridiculously young here. I know this is 10 years ago but he looks much younger. “Brodie Lee” is a much better Kevin Smith inspired wrestling persona than Mark Madden on WCW Nitro. Also great, no one has edited the entrance music away! Shhh… no one tell any music label about IWTV, which is where you can watch this event.

Starting in this match and continuing throughout the show, there are a lot of spots that clear out the front row. There’s no guard rail, so that does make sense. But this also seems to be a more Chikara familiar crowd. They know the rules and will protect not only themselves but the wrestlers as well.

I start wondering during this match if the mask held Dasher back. It’s a great mask but I know I saw the mask first and the gifted wrestler, maybe very good, later. Also, not that Dasher is small but Brodie is just big and I’m loving seeing Brodie as a monster. Especially with moves like the overhead belly to belly.

If you can’t match strength, use your smarts. Dasher takes Brodie’s boot off then jumps off the top and stomps the exposed foot. Absolutely brilliant move. Dasher’s heart also enters the match because despite big power move after move, Brodie can’t keep him down for more than a two count. And then out of no where! What is that? Was that a death valley driver? Who cares, not only did it take me by surprise it took Brodie by surprise too and Dasher gets the pin.

I’m also starting to know a couple nerdy cuties in the front row. Wonder if they’re still in the area. Adam, let me know when you read this, lets plan a trip!

Ophidian vs Dragon Yuki.

Another bigger guy vs smaller guy match. Yuki isn’t that big, he’s just that much bigger than Ophidian. Ophidian’s snake gimmick makes some of his moves so perfect for this persona. I don’t know if he does gymnastics, yoga, is part rag doll, or what but he has unreal agility and movement. Ophidian hits a crazy corkscrew dive to the outside. These exchanges increase the excitement. Yuki hits a spear – a true big man move. The two trade blows, big kick by Ophidian, Yuki counters with a Michinoku Driver but only a two count. I thought Ophidian missed an arm drag but then he rolls with it right into a Cobra Clutch and Yuki taps.

Young Lions’ Cup Match.

Frightmare comes out to defend the honor. Gavin Loudspeaker pulls a random opponents name out and comes up with Techno Team 2000. This smart group of fans is losing it. Johnny Gargano comes out to make the challenge and the match is on. Look at Gargano! His hair is something to behold but not actually hold.

Gargano hits a slingshot spear and it looks great. That’s when I notice the camera angles have changed with each match. None of them are bad angles, so it really keeps the show fresh and interesting throughout the night. Speaking of fresh, how old is Frightmare? He looks like a kid. A kid in a great mask, but still a kid.

Everyone is going all out on today’s show. Still family friendly but some violent moves and of course all the outside action. Johnny kicks Frightmare’s legs out and then hits an Ace Crusher from the knees. Moments later there’s some flipping roll over into body scissors. This is just ridiculously good. It’s so much fun to see Johnny as the bigger man and using some big power moves against a smaller opponent. Not a thing we get to see him do a lot now. Johnny hits something and I don’t even know what I saw and I’m even more shocked Frightmare kicked out of it. “The Dip”? Is that what it was called? Some sort of driver. That only gets a two but the next move gets the three and Frightmare wins.

Cheech Hernandez vs Vin Gerard.

I’ve seen Cheech dozens of times. Great guy, under rated. Especially look at those sit up elbow strikes! OMG what a move! Then the surfboard leg lock. This makes me want to go to an indie show so bad. Where’s my vaccine!? Vin does this handstand kick from the floor to the apron, foot up over the ropes to kick Cheech. I should not be seeing new things on a 10 year old event and yet each and every match has one. Cheech and Vin counter each other and avoid each other dueling across the top turnbuckle. Cheech hits either a 315 or a 518, I’m not sure exactly where he lives but a NY version of a 619. I thought that was it but Vin locks on, maybe a Yes Lock?, and gets the win.

Super Smash Bros vs the Batiri.

Fun fact, the Batiri and I have followed each other on Twitter for years. Good guys. Salt of the Earth. Scourge of the masses. Seeing the evolution of Uno and Dos from this show to every Wednesday night might be the most shocking change on the entire show.

Player Uno hits a suplex from his knees and I’m just questioning physics. Big boot, Uno turns the Batiri member’s foot (it happened so fast I didn’t write down the name), the referee holds his foot, then Uno hits a neck breaker. I am loving the flow of each and every match.

Player Dos is so fast. I would say he easily took the Batiri out, but there’s a chance they’ll read this so I’ll say the Batiri easily let Dos think he was in control. So many two counts in this match. My head cant keep up with all of the action here. I hope the next match isn’t too complicated. Obaryon catches Dos for a disgusting DDT off the top. This match is nuts.

Ultramantis Black cuts a promo on the high stakes of this match.

We have an arguement between the uber face referee Bryce and the heel referee.

Team BDK: Claudio, Sarah Del Rey, Daizee Haze, Delirious, Tim Donst, Ares, Pinkie Sanchez, and Tursas


Team Chikara: Vokoder (who’s that? Stay tuned), Eddie Kingston, Stigma, Jigsaw, Mike Quackenbush, UItramantis Black, Hallowicked, and Icarus.

I want to ask where did Tursas come from but the better question is where did go? I already tweeted out my suspicion that this is actually Todd from Longbox Heroes podcast.

OMG, its Larry Sweeney! Massive fight to start the match. Then we get the teams lined up. Members must be tagged in the predetermined order. That’s a hell of an idea for a tag match this big. I’m digging it. Larry starts off and my only note is “dammit”. #12Large man. I should be watching Larry steal the show, any show, this week. Larry pins Pinkie but then Claudio takes out Larry.

Daizee has 0% body fat. Look at those leg muscles. All of BDK works over Eddie’s knees. Big brawl and then we’re back to in ring action. Donst pins Stigma. Quack and Jigsaw keep hitting double team moves. Hot tag to Mantis! Preying Mantis bomb! Damn that’s smooth. Mantis pins Ares. Daizee might be too small. Someone get her a Beyond burger.

Hallowicked launches Daizee up for a power bomb. This match never slows down for a second. Tursas pins Hallowicked. No one can keep Icarus down. He keeps kicking out. But this damn BDK referee keeps getting involved. Massive heel heat. Icarus taps to Donst’s Chikara Special.

Eddie is in to trade chops with Tim. Big spot featuring many dives into the crowd. Mantis bomb and Delirious in eliminated. This 9 person suplex spot is amazing. Claudio throws Jigsaw into the ceiling and catches him with a forearm. Jigsaw then passes out to Tim’s Chikara Special. I’m exhausted watching this match.

Daizee looks like Impulse. Big boots, tiny rest of body. Quack unlocks the Chikara Special and locks on one of his own. Donst is eliminated. Quack books himself pretty well in this match. Sarah hits a big piledriver. Daizee with a German suplex and it shows just how tiny she is. Claudio clotheslines Quack and folds him in half. Quack is eliminated.

Back fist to the future! Eddie pins Sarah. Another back fist! Eddie pins Daizee. I want to make a comment about Eddie always getting on top of ladies, but this is a family show. Tursas is in and splashes Mantis who is eliminated. It’s now the biggest of the BDK – Claudio and Tursas vs the lone Eddie Kingston.

Claudio with a massive power bomb, Eddie kicks out. This is so good. Crowd is eating this up. Claudio hits a low blow on Eddie and gets caught. Claudio is eliminated. We’re down to one on one but it’s the massive Tursas vs the beat down Eddie.

Tursas with a splash, Eddie kicks out. The Mad King will not give up. Tursas barely gets Eddie up and it’s a sloppy fall. Followed up with a splash but Eddie kicks out! Tursas is definitely protected by the booking but it’s working and I don’t care. I’m absolutely invested. Suplex but Eddie hulks up! Clothesline. Eddie knocks Tursas down and only gets a one count. But that’s one more than anyone else. Running forearm and Eddie pins Tursas! Chikara is saved!

The front row and more rush the ring and pound on the mat.

I needed to watch this. This was so much fun. I’m so bothered by WWE lately and I want to love wrestling again. It’s tough without live shows but that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to dig through the IWTV archives.

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