WWE TLC 2020 Predictions.

That’s right, another pay per view! TLC has become the Christmas time PPV tradition. Grab more tables and chairs for company. Get some ladders to hang up the Christmas lights. Maybe look across at that annoying family member and debate using these items against him or her.

Or you can focus your aggression towards the TV for 2-3 hours tonight. As with every PPV I try to guess the match outcomes based on where I think stories and characters are going. This isn’t who I want to win, but who I think will win.

Drew McIntyre (WWE Raw champion) vs AJ Styles.

AJ has his big bodyguard now, but the guy cant move. Drew just lost the title and won it back from Randy Orton. I don’t see the sense in doing it again so soon. Probably a good match here, and AJ will get a lot of false finishes.

Winner: Drew.

The Fiend Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton in a Firefly Inferno match.

So someone will catch on fire. In the WWE’s new set up where things can be taped ahead of time and edited. In front of fans I would have easily guessed Bray will lose because his gear allows for flame retardant fabric or chemicals to be put on. As opposed to Randy’s boots and tights. But this match could be taped earlier for a more shocking and dramatic moment.

Winner: The Fiend.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (WWE Women’s tag team champions) vs Asuka and TBD.

Lana was injured or whatever and is now out of this match. Despite months of build up. I don’t think she comes back halfway through the match despite doctor’s orders. I see Mandy Rose taking her place. Mandy and Asuka win. Lana and Dana Brooke are upset their former partners not only ditched them but also won the titles. The scorned former partners team up and there’s the next feud.

Winners: Asuka and TBD.

Roman Reigns (WWE Smackdown champion) vs Kevin Owens.

This is going to be a great match and maybe the one I’m looking forward to the most. But there is no way Roman loses the title any time soon. Probably not before WrestleMania. He’s the biggest star in all of WWE right now with the best story and the most interesting character.

Winner: Roman Reigns.

Sasha Banks (WWE Smackdown women’s champion) vs Carmella.

Carmella has looked great since her return. But this title reign seems to be all about giving Sasha a longer reign. She has held the title many times but every time has been short. I think this is all about raising her numbers. Carmella’s new character will get another shot.

Winner: Sasha Banks.

The New Day (WWE Raw tag team champions) vs the Hurt Business.

I just don’t see these two defeating the New Day. I’m not sure who I do see winning those titles, but not this combination. Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin would have been more of a threat.

Winners: the New Day.

I fully expect some pre show matches to be announced between posting this article and show time. If that’s the case I’ll add those predictions on social media.

So who do you think will win tonight? Let me know in the comments or across any and all social media.

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