The Retro Network Christmas Present Unboxing.

Imagine my surprise when I went to grab Christmas cards out of the mail and found a box! None of the gifts we ordered were scheduled to arrive today. What could this be? I recognize the name and it’s from The Retro Network! A present to say thanks for all the work on the podcast, and I wrote a couple things too.

I opened the box and got this far before I started getting excited. I thought it was worth recording my reaction. I couldn’t have been more right. When I was younger there was a running contest of who “won” Christmas. It’s not actually a challenge and doesn’t diminish any other gifts. But every year there seems to be that one gift that everyone has to look at, hold, check out, maybe ask for one for themselves. This box is in the lead for this Christmas season. I always wish I could do more for The Retro Network and recognition like this means I’m going to try even harder.

Thank you to Jason and Mickey. Thank you to everyone who has read an article or listened to an episode. I was touched by this, as you’ll see in my reaction.

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