At Odds with Wrestling Homework: Valley Championship Wrestling.

Taking place May 27, 2001 in Plymoth, PA. Assigned on the latest episode of At Odds with Wrestling. Suffered through by everyone.

Seriously, I know Adam is picking difficult shows on purpose but this one was rough. Joe is one of the announcers for this event. Not that I can hear him, but he’s there.

Halo comes out wearing Jason’s jock strap. 10 bell salute to his recently passed father. Halo looks to be 12. Halo interview. Interupted by Rockin Rebel, Doomsday, Frankie, and…. Alison Danger I think? Rebel says he will “beat the black out of” his opponent tonight. Three on one attack but Ruckus and Steve Corino come out to save Halo.

Mark and Johnny (with Ronnie) vs Cremator and Rico.

Always good to have the ring announcer be taller than the wrestlers.

Creamator is fantastic. Mike Myers mask, black jeans, and a puffy shirt.

Dueling attempts at cheers. Story so far is Cremator’s strength. I think I can hear Joe call this match. Copy Taker is doing well. Comedy, sell, protect the big guy that can’t move, high spot, repeat. They barely catch Ronnie as he flies to the floor. Scary spot. I’m starting to wonder if I’ve ever fallen asleep at wrestling.

Bug guy has huge chops in the corner. The ref and Ronnie argue. I’ll say this, these guys got their comedy spots down. I hear Joe’s empathetic shriek of pain! I need that as a sound on my ringtone maker. Ronnie gets dumped to the floor again. Rico pins the not fat one. Creamator choke slams the big one.

I’m hurting already.

Rockin Rebel (with Doomsday Danny Rose) vs Ruckus (with Amy Riot).

Quick fight. Ruckus climbs a cage and hits a swanton through a table to the floor. Rebel fights with the announcers. Ref and Rebel get into it. Ruckus is athletic for a big guy. Doomsday grabs Riot. While this is happening maybe a fireball happens? I don’t know. I didn’t catch it. Rebel pins Ruckus. What happened?

Switchblade vs Tommy Hawk.

As soon as Tommy comes out all I wrote is WTF. I’ve seen more meat on a unic. I feel bad saying this stuff but this show hurts. Is it that bad or am I that tired? It doesn’t help that I can hear the fans in attendance shitting all over this. I haven’t seen such disrespectful fans since Uncle Elmer’s wedding. Anyways, Switchblade wins.

Trevor Timberlake vs Hurricane Kid.

Kid with a great moonsault to the outside. Move of the night so far. Hurricane with great springboard moves. Easily the best talent of the night. Finally the crowd reacts positively to something. Fans are responding back to Joe’s commentary. Timberlake with a big britney spears! If it wasn’t called that, it should have been. Timberlake with a big inside out suplex. I’m making that name up too. What the hell did Kid hit? Like an Unprettier set up from the top rope. But with a flip. Now this is easily match of the night so far. You can hear the attitude change in the crowd. Kid with some roll through flip thing for the pin.

What a zero expectations shockingly good fun match. Well done to both guys.

Steve Corino (NWA champion) vs Danny Rose (with Allison Danger).

I’m missing what the fan is yelling but everyone that can hear it clearly is having a good time.

Good mostly old school style here. Lots of fun. I appreciate Corino more the older I get. If he was bigger he would have been a huge star. Same style. Allison does a great job distracting so Danny can take advantage. This match is exactly what it should be. Corino being the bigger more well known star is making Danny (who I assume is more frequently appearing for this company) look like an equal. Very unexpected spot of Allison getting involved and the referee taking her out. Referee People’s Elbow on top of that. Corino gets the win, as expected for a champion. Very enjoyable classic match.

Mike Quackenbush is the referee?

Hardcore Mafia vs Chilli Palmer and Sensation Juan Cruz vs JS Michaels and PS Phenom.

Palmer and Cruz come out to Faith No More’s “Epic” which is one of my all time favorite songs. So they’re going to be my pick to win.

I’m going to just pretend this loud fan is John DiMaggio. It’s more enjoyable and less annoying to picture Bender. Or your character of choice.

We need a wide angle camera here to cover all three teams and six men. Slow start for this kind of match too. Oh I spoke too soon. Action is hating up with a push up and sit up contest. Who is Amazing Rust here? He’s not bad. So far I think this tag match is not the best showcase for him though. Did this just become Botch-a-mania? Fans are clapping but I don’t think this is a series of near falls, it felt like a series of mistakes.

Double dives to the outside. I hate agreeing with old time wrestling voices but there is a difference between a cool move for no reason versus a cool move that had some build up.

Elaborate set up for a top rope dropkick. Feels like a lot of guys that know how to do moves but not how to piece it together. My picks win but now this is an elimination style match. I don’t know who’s changing the rules. High school teacher and mountie are obviously heels. Not too bad at it either. Cocky and so far dominant. This heel team is actually really good. There’s nothing crazy here but they have chemistry together and could probably hang with anyone that comes through the Valley. Great double team suplex near DDT thing but only for a two count. Double spinning DDTs by the Real Thing! The heel team is Falling to Pieces and my pick wins!

Hardcore match:

Halo vs Frankie Angelini.

Both of these guys seem too young and too small. I’m curious how this main event will go.

Oh this is sloppy. I’m watching AEW on one screen and this on another, and that makes the difference even more noticeable. Halo taking on all three on the floor. Lot of chairs involved. Pile of chairs dive. This just all seems so risky for these guys to do. Too many spots that I’m not sure these guys are fully trained to do. My apologies if I’m wrong and nothing is meant to insult the individuals. But I see a lot of moves that make me flinch and question the decisions.

Oh good, we have thumbtacks now. Halo almost lands on his feet to avoid the tacks. Misses most of them. Frankie takes a bad back bump into them though. More back bumps on the tacks by both men. This Michinoku Driver next to the tacks freaks me out.

Halo with a massive 450 off the top. Of course that’s the pin. That better be the pin. That was a damn good move.

Overall, I had two matches I liked and a couple spots. I think this was one of Adam’s punishing picks. If the show drew me in I may have not been tired nor watched two things at once. It just wasn’t captivating my attention. I’ve been to worse indie shows but I’m also good with not revisiting this one.

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