2021 Goals.

I know I shouldn’t do this. I know that come December of 2021 or January of next year I might look upon this post and get upset with myself that I didn’t do so much. Maybe this is the year to change the trend.

In 2020 I had a lot of things I wanted to do. Write a comic. Go to a convention. Interview people. So many more ideas. I wasn’t doing bad when the year started. Then March came and it became difficult to concentrate on my geeky interests when I had no idea how long it would take for any money to show up. Furloughed. Applying for unemployment along with millions and millions of others. No clue when that part of the year would end. School, death, anxiety and more. By the time I felt my head was above water once again, I was being dragged further out to an unproductive sea by social media. While there is no better guarantee for failure than posting resolutions, I’m going to try.

Taking previous years into experience, the first goal is to spend the start of this year finishing other projects. I have a stack of comics to review, lots of emails, magazines on this table, and so much more. The smart thing will be to not add anymore to that. I had a very busy December at work and the only trick that helped was removing items from the list. No matter how big or small the task, checking off boxes on the to do list helped me mentally. If I can delete some emails, post some reviews, and read some stuff I’ll feel more open to my other ideas.

Speaking of those other ideas. I still want to write a comic. I have many drafts saved that aren’t good enough. But each one is better than the last. Like many other lessons in life, it will take many hours of screwing up to become good enough to do it right in a shorter amount of time.

There’s the desire to be healthier, as usual. My wife and I are debating a purchase for the home that should help with that. I’ve wanted to get into better shape for years but it’s crazy how this Covid era has given me new reasons for that same goal. There’s nothing like coughing due to heartburn brought on by poor eating, plus a lack of breath due to lack of cardio to make people think your lungs aren’t functioning well thanks to corona. If I can improve these things, which I should at my age no matter what, it is going to improve every other aspect of my life. Again, this isn’t a thing I can start January 1 but we can start the research and figure out getting it home.

While I want to use social media much less I also want to use it more effectively. Post my reviews and podcasts, tag people, and sign off. My recent YouTube videos have done well and I think there might be a lesson there. I’m not uploading videos and then constantly refreshing the page. I don’t doom scroll on YouTube. I post, watch what I want, and get out. An attitude like that might be good to apply to other social medias instead of realizing I just spent two hours on TikTok.

Overall, I think I want a transference of matter and energy. This hour of social media time becomes that hour of writing a post. My weight loss becomes my gain in readers, listeners, and Patrons. The panic attack that was 2020 will be used to understand my psyche in 2021 and make positive changes.

Now it’s time to look at my 2020 “to do” pile, make some headway there. Maybe even create one of those plans or spreadsheets or vision board things to organize my goals. And I do put this stuff out here to my readers to put a little pressure on myself. So go ahead and give me a kick forward through the year as needed.

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  1. I was able to trim down my YouTube time significantly by cutting down on how many channels I subscribe to. It used to be a huge list, but now I’m down to just a few. I let the videos from those channels pile up, and then binge them in one sitting at the end of the week and catch up on everything. Maybe I don’t, but I feel like I have a lot more time on hands for other things by doing it that way.

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