Argus #1-3 Review

From Mark Bertolini and Darryl Knickrehm. Published by Action Lab Danger Zone.

The most maddening thing about reviewing three issues is when there’s a good chance the whole story is wrapped up in issue 4.

The secret of time travel is discovered! But only by one man. 100 versions of himself come together from different points in his life and they slip in and out of the time stream. Until an accident happens with one of them and he goes rouge. It is up to the version out of time that discovers time travel initially to train and make everything “normal” again.

This comic is a mind job. Numerous times I had to stop and carefully read each word of explanation. This by no means is any fault of the writer. It’s just a dense concept. There’s a reason this comic was compared to the movie Looper. Another movie where a person battled themself through time. I as a three dimensional being is reading a two dimensional story about a four dimensional concept. I need a nap.

It really is a cool concept because technically there is only one character in the book. Multiple versions of him, but all still the same guy.

There are crazy ideas of changing your own fate. Who or what is in control of things. Fate, destiny, moments that can be changed, moments that must be. My head hurts figuring this out so it makes sense that immersing someone into all of the infinite possibilities of time would be enough to drive them insane.

The art keeps what could have been a very confusing cast easily identifiable with little but obvious differences between them. Plus a bad guy with old damaged scarred eyes and wisps of time surrounding him add a real idea of terror to this comic. Hmmm, the wisps of time and the cigar smoke seem similar. Hmmm….

I’m on the look out for issue four because I need to find out how this ends. I think grabbing all four copies on Comixology or in print is the best way to go.

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