Miranda in the Maelstrom Issues 1-3 Review.

From Riley Dashiell Biehl (Writer), Koi Carreon, Borg Sinaban, Dailen Ogden, Jamie Jones. Published by Action Lab.

When issue one begins Miranda has been dropped into the middle of chaos while a storm destroys everything. Turns out this is an interdimensional storm that destroys all in it’s path and also picks up a lot of characters along the way. Miranda is just trying to survive. But first she has to find her loyal shark-dog Noodles.

Noodles is an amazing design and absolutely steals the show. Speaking of steal, if a plush is ever made of Noodles, lock it up.

Miranda has no desire to set things right or be a hero. She just wants to survive. But damn that moral compass draws her to help people despite everything within her screaming that the maelstrom is more survivable if you’re alone.

Every where she lands is another no rules let’s go nuts creation embracing the boundless medium that is comic books. Vegetable humans. Floating bodies of water. Pillow pirates (I can’t write that one without laughing all over again). Plus more and more every single page.

This is like a forgotten 1980’s cartoon reborn on the comic book page. Much like Thundercats or Masters of the Universe would introduce something new every episode, Miranda in the Maelstrom surprises the reader with every page. As soon as a new character is around long enough to care about and want to know more, bam! Something happens and it’s off to the next part of this adventure. Every friend or foe is on page just long enough to want figures, PVC, Funko Pops and more.

Miranda is an amazing character. She’s strong, she has heart, she doubts herself, but she perseveres. There is a mystery of what happened to her family and many questions about the maelstrom itself. Is this a thing that can be “fixed”? Or is it a force of nature and we’re along for the ride with Miranda. No different than being on a ship at sea.

I think this would be a perfect comic to give to kids just getting into the format. Self contained. Young identifiable character. Cute side characters like Noodles. Plus the adventure has so many twists and turns there’s no time to get bored with the book.

Very recommended book and I’ll be keeping an eye out for later issues.

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