Argus #4 Review.

(I want to get my daily post out, but I’m also writing this on Wednesday. So, you know, my mind is elsewhere and the news is on.)

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The time travel story reaches its conclusion!

In my previous review I gave the plot of the comic and put over how much I enjoyed the writing and art. This is the finale of the series and I was looking forward to how this one man battle with time was going to end.

It’s funny that this story is all about time because I felt like there wasn’t enough. This is such a high concept book and full of twists and turns from characters. Way too many of them happened in this issue. Sure, the idea of writing for the trade and the usual 6 issues can hurt some stories. But I would have loved two more issues of Argus.

The bad guy has a revelation. There’s more time travel. Rules we thought we understood are changed. There is just too much happening in this final issue in order to finish the story in four. I was enjoying everything going on in Argus but I felt like maybe there was an editorial decision to cut back on the number of issues. Big moment or revelation then another then another. Nothing felt like it had the chance to breathe.

I’m not being negative about the comic. This was still a great read. I just wanted more tension, more drama, more… time.

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