Twin Worlds #4 Review.

For my review of the first three issues, click on that Twin Worlds tag at the bottom of this article.

Two warring worlds battle! Children of both are caught in the middle. What will happen next?

I was surprised to see the title take a turn in the fourth issue. The two children of mixed parentage might just be the stars of this story. Which is not where I thought it was going. The soldiers, the generals, the warriors. That made sense. With the kids as a sub plot used where needed.

Then this issue came along and I think the first three issues were set up for their story. The battles, the armies, all of the leaders and angles happening in this interplanetary war. All of it had to be explained in order to understand the challenges ahead of these kids.

Also, now that the rules are established and all the pieces are on the board it’s time to expand the board. I enjoyed the history of this alien world and how the portal was experienced on their side. There’s also promises of other groups, other cities, other everything across this planet. It sounds weird to say a story about two planets battling through a portal is small, but so far it was. Earth isn’t even a player. All that we need to know of Earth is how much certain governments and companies enjoy the profits from raiding this new world. Likewise, I thought later issues would keep the new world simple. Focus on a couple of people and their fodder.

Now though I’m expecting that this book took a wrong turn at the Albuquerque of portals and is now going to be a tale of heirs with claims to both worlds. If this comic does a time jump I might lose my mind.

The writing fooled me. The art has been great from page one. What I thought was a nice average book is now intriguing me with these new possibilities and I hope a volume two is nigh.

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