Blackwulf from Marvel Comics.

I just read issue 1 at random and I’m digging through my long boxes for issue 2. More words on this tomorrow.

But where did this guy come from? Is he still around?

This whole first issue screams reaction to Image. The name. The cover. The convoluted origin. Introducing way too many people at once. Loosely tying it in to something else.

Then again there’s something really fun about it. There’s a certain Jack Kirby-ness to this book. Forming a whole new group of characters out of nothing and working them into the previously existing fabric later on.

I already spoiled a bit of it for myself and it appears these are all some sub group of Deviants. Did it start out that way though? Or was this meant to be an entirely new concept?

Like I said, I’m looking for issues 2 because I know I have it. Then I’ll write more. Hopefully I can track down the rest of the series soon. If any of my readers know more about this guy and can link me to anything that would be great. I’m hoping there’s some hype piece or maybe a creator interview that will shed some light on this concept.

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