Blackwulf #2 Review.

From the same crew as last time. (Only their last names are given in this issue. That’s kind of odd.)

The adventure continues! The new Blackwulf confronts the old Blackwulf’s team. They don’t believe him until he saves their lives from a trap. Many more characters are introduced. Many things happen. And I still can’t believe this title and character, the whole world, is just forgotten.

Issue 2 and this is clearly taking place in the United States, in New York too, and no Spider-Man appearance. Spider-Man is supposed to cameo in an early issue of every Marvel comic. That was one of the rules! I know Blackwulf is eventually revealved to be a in the 616 Marvel Universe but there is not anything really tying him. Yes, we have a dead Skrull in this issue. But that could still be an alternate earth, dimension, something else. It still doesn’t mean Marvel earth. But we’re getting closer.

It is also still some combination of the Marvel story telling style, Image art, and Jack Kirby world building. It’s starting to work though. I’m getting a feel of some of the supporting characters and becoming invested in them. I’m also remembering their names after I put the issue down. Which is more than I can say for a lot of other titles I bought in the 1990’s.

This new Blackwulf is interesting because, to be honest, he sucks. His brother the original Blackwulf constantly bested him. He makes mistakes. Many other people knew it was his brother under a mask. He is beaten up repeatedly in this issue. He is flawed. I thought this series was just about a guy on a noble quest against his evil family. Now with last issue’s twist there is a tale of redemption and growth. Lucian wants to wear the mantle of his fallen brother but he is not yet worthy of it. He can’t lead, he can’t take on an army. He’s going to screw up and fail often. But I’m pulling for him. I’m rooting for him.

Unfortunately this is the last issue of the comic that I have here. There doesn’t appear to be a graphic novel collection. No toy line. I’m sure in many eyes this is a failed unsuccessful series. But I see it as a great exploration of this new corner of the Marvel Universe. Something that has always been there, but off camera. Any one of these characters could show up today and be used as new teammates or new threats. It also has me wondering how many other forgotten characters there are.

I’ll be searching for more issues and becoming probably one of the only pro Blackwulf voices on the internet.

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