Sammy Hagar and the Circle: Lockdown 2020 Album Review.

Just because we all have to stay home doesn’t mean we can’t rock out with our friends!

Sammy Hagar along with the Circle (bassist Michael Anthony, drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Vic Johnson) connected over Zoom or a similar app and played some good ole fashioned rock and roll songs. Some originals, some covers. But why don’t you grab a Cabo Wabo and lets all have a good time.

It’s a short good time. The longest song is 3 and a half minutes. This is just for fun, but people enjoyed watching and listening to them jam so why not release it as an album? I watched the live recordings on YouTube and there’s a great energy and enjoyment to them. Not the same as getting together in person, but what is anymore?

The Circle is great, but look who’s in there. Of course they’re awesome. Every cover rings true to the original but also with their own signatures. Sammy does well for every song but let’s admit it. He does best on the Van Halen songs. Those are the highlights of the album.

This is a real quick album, just over 27 minutes. This would be a great set at a resort or on a cruise. Hey everyone from 8-830 tonight Sammy Hagar and the Circle will be performing a set. Sign me up. Let me arrive a couple minutes early to order a drink or two and then rock out and sing along for the next half hour.

Warning though, if you already miss going out thanks to all the quarantines and shut downs this isn’t going to make you any happier. This is as “live” as things get right now and will leave you wanting and missing a world that used to be.

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