Betty and Veronica Friends Forever Winterfest #1 Review.

Stories: Frank Doyle, George Gladir, Mike Pellowski. Pencils: Dan Parent, Dan DeCarlo, Doug Crane. Inks: Jim Amash, Rich Koslowski, Vince DeCarlo, Jim DeCarlo. Colors: Barry Grossman. Letters: Jack Morelli, Bill Yoshida, Vince Decarlo. Published by Archie Comics.

Story 1: Do No Evil. Betty and Veronica mock Archie and Reggie for looking like slobs. Archie and Reggie try to get back at the girls but end up looking worse. In the end the girls look worse for wear, but thankfully not in front of the boys.

Story 2: Veronica buys some reindeer, because, y’know, that’s what rich people do. The reindeer get loose during her father’s fancy party. His guests think it’s a riot and the day is saved.

Story 3: Sculpture Schemer. Archie and Betty are making show sculptures hoping to win $500. Veronica steals her daddy’s sculptor to make a better one so Archie and Betty can’t go on dates with the winnings. Not only does Veronica win but her daddy now sends her to various snowy climates to enter other contests. Archie and Betty curl up with hot chocolate.

Story 4: Snowfall Guy. Betty has a snowball fight with a little snot nosed kid in the neighborhood.

Story 5: Cold Facts. Veronica wishes for a snow day so she can prepare for Saturday’s dance. She gets her wish, but then everything is cancelled. Womp womp.

This comic came out today and I just felt like reading an Archie comic for no good reason. “Only $2.99” as it says right on the cover. Which is cheap for comics today. I won’t say what I spent on the other things I bought today.

I also wanted something just fun today too. The last time I read Archie comics was some of their horror line a couple years ago. Which are great. But sometimes you just want cartoons and candy and gum. Something to enjoy in the moment and forget about shortly after. Archie never fails there and that’s part of why they’ve lasted for decades.

The comic does a good job of presenting every side of the two girls. Two adventures together, one story as rivals, and each of them get their own solo story. The only thing missing was a fashions page.

As simple as it is they’re also arguably some of the most well rounded characters in comics. Over the decades we know their parents, their hobbies, school, favorites, everything. I could probably tell you more about Betty than I could some friends I have in real life.

Sure there’s no King in Black or Future State going on here but there also doesn’t need to be. This was a fun little read and I would be all for more super hero comics like this too. There’s nothing wrong with a Spider-Man Winter Adventures comic featuring 5 short stories that don’t have to tie into every bit of continuity. Followed by a Peter Parker fashions page at the end of course.

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