Hiccups: Fun Stories Review

From Miguel Martinez-Joffre and Action Lab.

This is a 52 page collection of all ages stories featuring various fun characters having crazy adventures. Luna Destiny and the Moon Berets (like interplanetary Girl Scouts), Sheriff Ratatan and the anthropomorphic old west, Hip and Popo – a kid and his alien hippo – having adventures and saving the day, and Luz and Sado – a magical girl and her ghost friend.

If you ever picked up an old Harvey comic that is exactly what this felt like. Adorable cartoon characters having fun adventures. Almost always in control. Kid friendly but still entertaining for adults. Short stories and then there’s another one. Nothing loaded with continuity. I read every story as the first introduction to all of these characters and their worlds and never once was anything confusing.

It is also going to be compared to Looney Tunes. No. This is Animaniacs. Join the Warner Bros (and the Warner sister), Slappy, the Good Feathers, all of them. Join Ratatan and eat nachos. Outsmart the bad guy with an alien that looks like a hippopotamus. Have a good time. This comic should be sold immediately to a studio and turned into the new hit Saturday morning cartoon. Everyone looks great. The stories are so well told. Even in comic form, a stationary media, there was movement there was camera angles, there were cut aways. The comic story moved in my hand just like animation cels on the screen. I want stuffed animals of these characters with tags that say “watch on Netflix” (or where ever).

If your kid is enjoying Wimpy Kid or Dog Man or any of the similar titles, grab this comic and put it right next to the others. Guaranteed good time.

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