The Citizen #1 Comic Book Review.

Writer: Charlie McFarland. Artist: Aleksandar Jovic. Published by Action Lab Comics.

Well this was fun and unexpected.

Norman Shaddler is a normal man. Just like you and me. However, he is the only normal person in a world full of super heroes and villains. Every one else has powers. Co-workers, coffee baristas, every one. Except Norman.

All of the usual super hero rules still apply. The rest of society is still keeping secret identities, day jobs, the entire facade. They all know that the other person is a hero or villain but go along with the act.

Norman knows right away who everyone is when they don the mask. He calls people by their costumed names and each friend stutters and stammers trying to keep the illusion alive.

Because Norman is the only one without powers he is also the only one not bound by playing by the rules. He sees how ridiculous the situations are. He becomes the only one that can take charge of a situation because he’s not dependent on the Lee/Kirby rules of order before jumping into action. In the land of biff bam pow Adam West Batman, the man who knows he’s on a television show would be king.

Unfortunately so far there is only one issue of this series, and it is digital only. There’s lots of jokes and great character ideas in here. I think this concept could carry itself for many issues. Whether showing the world in this way or telling the stories of the heroes, or maybe even explaining why Norman is normal.

Well worth the price on Comixology.

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