Cut Man Issues 1-3 Review.

From writer Alexander Banks-Jongman and artist Robert Ahmad. Published by Action Lab Danger Zone.

I didn’t know what to expect from this title. The first issue starts slow. I was losing interest and thinking this comic isn’t for me. Then the Moment happens and my curiosity is peaked. Then the issue ends with a mysterious death and I’m all in. Unfortuately, Comixology only has these three issues and I don’t see any future ones solicited. Which is a shame because I want to know how this story ends.

Hank Kelly isn’t a good man, but he isn’t a bad man either. He’s a normal every day man that has both traits. He has an ex wife and cant see his daughter without going through the courts. There is some alcoholism, maybe these two things are connected. He goes through his life numb, like most of us do. Drinking to feel something else for a little bit. Having random sex to feel something else for a little bit. He loves his daughter but that seems to be his only motivator. He’s apathetic to the rest of life. But it’s funny how a near death experience can change all of that.

Hank wakes up in the hospital and he’s fully healed. It’s a miracle. No one knows how or why and of course people start showing up to make money off of this. Is this a one time event, or will he always cheat death? Plus, why does it seem any time Hank doesn’t die, someone else does? These questions start in issue one and keep getting more and more intense.

Like I said earlier though, unfortunately I’m still carrying around that intensity. The story hasn’t concluded in three issues and I’m already hyped up. If this was a 4, 5, or 6 issue story collected in one volume I could have excitedly read it in one sitting.

There are parts of this story that reminded me of Unbreakable, and if you like that movie grab this comic. Maybe Hank is immortal, but that’s a dangerous hypothesis to test. All he wants is to get his family back together, but that is the one wound he can’t heal.

Then there are the other deaths. Does death have a balance like matter and energy? If Hank doesn’t die then someone else has to in order to retain the status quo of the universe? It’s a murder mystery but the culprits might be the cosmic forces of order and chaos, and it’s real tough to find a jury of their peers.

I can’t remember the last time a comic fooled me like this. To appear to be so mundane at first and instead it becomes an almost super natural mystery yet grounded in reality and constantly increasing in excitement.

Go ahead and check out the first three issues on Comixology and maybe more will show up later.

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