Bloodshot #10 Review.

Writer: Tim Seeley. Artist: Brett Booth and Pedro Andreo. Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse. Letterer: Dave Sharpe. Cool cover by Simon Bisley. Published by Valiant.

I grabbed this comic because the cover was cool and I don’t think I’ve read anything Bloodshot since the hey day of the mid 1990’s. Ten issues into this version and it’s cool, but I don’t know what’s going on.

Bloodshot is talking to his tech support helper guy, Wilfred Wigans but I’m not sure how. Because as this story goes back and forth between “now” and “then” Bloodshot is in some alternate dimension. He hurts himself in order to get the job done. Which makes sense for a guy that can keep healing himself with the nanites.

There’s some group called The Burned. There’s a shady group manipulating things at the end. Something called “Day of Blood” happened before involving Bloodshot’s nanites and an airborne virus and zombies. Bloodshot can alter his appearance. I especially enjoyed his “meth head” look which I may be wrong but I got some Evil Ernie tribute off of it. Plus of course all the fighting, the violence, the beatings, and he keeps coming back.

See, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on here. It looks amazing. The art rocks. Colors pop. Lettering makes this so easy to follow. The story is drawing me in.

But I don’t know what the hell is going on!

And it’s weird to write that in a review. It is not a complaint at all even though it might sound like one. I just don’t know what’s happening here. I want to know. I’m curious as hell. I’m going to start looking for maybe a graphic novel of issues 1-6 and then 7-9 on the racks to get caught up. Unless there’s a series before this current one that I also need to read.

This just isn’t how comics are made today and as a long time reader I should know that. Issue one and jumping on points exist for a reason. Issue 10 here is neither of those things. I’m starting a movie half way though and I have no one to turn to to ask what I missed.

I’ll be coming back to this but word of warning, start from the beginning. Don’t jump in the middle like I did. Now I worry I know things out of order that would have been more enjoyable and revelations would have had more weight if I hadn’t jumped into the middle.

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