King in Black #1 Review.

From Donny Cates, writer. Ryan Stegman, penciler. JP Mayer, inker. Frank Martin, color artist. VC’s Clayton Cowles, letterer. Published by Marvel Comics.

I bought issue 3 today, so it’s about time I went back to read issue 1.

Do you know Venom? Okay, so imagine the symbiote is from another planet. Now imagine that planet, the symbiotes, and everything connected to it was all created by an evil god named Knull who existed before our universe. Before the light. When there was only darkness. Knull wants that darkness back. He has a planet full of creatures to attack on his command, weapons that can take out gods, he kills Celestials with ease. And all he wants now is to get the Venom suit back from Eddie Brock by any means necessary.

And this is amazing! The entire planet is under attack. Mostly in NYC because – Marvel, but it’s awesome. Every hero Marvel is currently focusing on is here even if its just in the background as part of the larger fight. (Currently focusing on, as in don’t expect Alpha Flight for example.) It is the most epic battle I’ve read in comics in a long time and this is just issue one. I think the last time I saw NYC taken over like this was Inferno but that was centered on the X-Men. This tale is affecting everyone.

Sure, most of the side books are Spider-Man related. That makes sense. Knull leads to Venom which leads to Spider-Man. Eddie Brock has become this noble character. He’s helping the Avengers. He’s trying to do right. He is the only person on Earth that can do certain things and he will sacrifice himself to keep his son safe. It is an amazing bit of character development from what used to be Spider-Man’s greatest villain.

Sometimes there is nothing better than going to the movie theater to see a bigger than life story. Like Endgame. King in Black is the summer blockbuster of comics. Things happen in this issue so fast there’s no time to take a break and think about all of the details. The story is so big it has to keep moving from big amazing scene to the next even bigger scene. When those things show up. And then that guy shows up. And then what happens after that?! And all of that is just part of the action in only the first issue? This is one of the most insane full throttle stories I’ve ever read.

I’m usually good to just read the main series for these events and not pick up all of the side stories. That might have to change this time. I’m already debating on calling the comic store to hold some tie in books for me. The story is so big I know there are good smaller stories to be told.

Now to read issue 2 and I also picked up Gwenom vs Carnage. Maybe Black Cat next.

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