Jurassic Strike Force 5 Review.

I worked and then was out all day running errands. Thankfully I had some comics downloaded on my phone from Comixology. Including Jurassic Strike Force 5! Some sort of cyber humanoid dinosaurs fighting battles. This looks great. I loved the Dinosaucers cartoon in the 1980’s and this gave me nostalgia vibes. I’m sure the unlimited budget of a comic book will take this similar but different idea and shoot for the stars.

And maybe it does. But there’s about 5 pages of story here. Then a lot of character bios. And that’s about it. This turned out to be a preview, not a full issue. But then I came home and had time to actually read at about 10 PM.

So today didn’t work out for comics. I’m curious about this title and will be looking for the full issues from now on. But after yesterday’s thrill of reading King in Black, and if tomorrow goes a little smoother I’ll read the next issue tomorrow. But for now I’m going to get some more rest so I don’t confuse previews and full issues again.

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