King in Black #2 Review

From Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin, VC’s Clayton Cowles and published by Marvel Comics.

I loved the first issue and didn’t think it could get any crazier. Well, maybe the final issue. But no, this brings in so much more to the story! First we have to wonder what will happen to Eddie Brock. He and Spider-Man have a bond now and I don’t know if its quite friendship. If anything I would say its family. We can argue, we can fight, but in a battle – I got your back.

Then there are some of the smartest heroes in Marvel trying to put together a plan to stop Knull. Knull is barely in this issue because it’s all about we’re down, now lets figure out something new. And it does a brilliant job of making me want all of the tie in books. What are Jane Foster and the Valkyries working on? What crawled up the X-Mens backsides? When did this revelation come into Namor’s world? And so much more. I can’t tell my wife I’m about to buy all of the tie in books right now but one at a time for the rest of the year, this whole event is coming home.

There are fallen heroes, corrupted heroes, anti heroes, and the heroes that are still trying to win the day despite everything falling (literally) down around them. Times are so dark the only option is to use some familiar darkness against Knull. In this issue Knull is called the King of the Abyss and damn if that doesn’t put him on a new level of evil. Which is why it makes sense to get some of the familiar evils of the Marvel Universe on the side of good for just this one fight. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. What point is there to ruling the world, if there is no longer a world?

No heroes fighting. No Avengers vs X-Men. But there are honest portrayals of characters that would not get along. I have friends that would never hang out with each other and would argue and fight the entire time if they did, but they are still good people. The “who’s left” team up taking place here not only makes for strange bedfellows but also can be used as launching pads for stories in their own series for years. If they survive of course. Hey remember that time we teamed up to battle Knull? Well, you owe me one and now I’m calling in the favor.

This comic is the big summer blockbuster I need in the dead of winter. Huge actions scenes. Tense quiet moments. Big ideas, big angles, and even big deaths. Yes, there are lots of great comics that make us think and aren’t tied up by decades of continuity. But sometimes going for the excess can be loads of fun and this is the best popcorn comic I’ve read in years.

Minus the popcorn of course. That would damage the pages.

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