King in Black #3 Review

Donny Cates, writer. Ryan Stegman, penciler. JP Mayer, inker. Frank Martin, color artist. VC’s Clayton Cowles, letterer. Published by Marvel Comics.

This isn’t a spoiler because it’s on the cover, but here comes Thor vs Knull. A battle for the ages!

Eddie Brock’s son Dylan might provide the key to our heroes’ victory, but first they all have to keep him alive. The heroes all team up. Thor arrives. Iron Man does some crazy amazing stuff. There are winks to the other King in Black tie ins happening that yet again make me want to buy all of those too.

I can’t tell everything that happens in each issue because I think it’s more fun to stay spoiler free. Every one of these issues I picked up only knowing it is part of this series. Nothing was spoiled. Who appears, who fights, who has a moment, who dies. Nothing. That is how I have been over the top enjoying every issue so far and I’ll be sure to buy issue 4 the moment it comes out.

There is a great balance in the art between darkness and light. All that Knull has corrupted versus what is left to stand against him. Even when the heroes are getting wrapped up in their own battles, there are glimpses of color still shining through all of Knull’s dark army.

As I wrote before there are still big moments in every issue. Moments that in a smaller story would be chapter or issue ending spots. But there is so much happening within King in Black that there were three massive moments in this issue alone. Plus smaller ones that would be big act breaks. All in one issue.

There are certain things comics can do that no other medium can, and one of those is going all out with the craziness. Big ideas, tons of people, all of the effects you can think of. It’s so big and crazy I’m going to be upset when this series ends because I’ll be chasing the symbiote space dragon for my next fix.

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