Black Cat #1 Review

(Legacy number 13)

Jed MacKay, writer. C.F. Villa, artist. Brian Reber, color artist. Ferran Delgado, letterer. Published by Marvel Comics. Part of the King in Black event.

That’s right, I’m enjoying King in Black so much I went back to the comic shop for some more tie in issues. There are a couple Black Cat comics here at home but most of those were bought for cool covers and I didn’t read them. Which might be changing now.

When the issue start, Black Cat is going to steal from some thieves. There’s an evacuation alert for NYC and some criminals use this opportunity for a heist, and Felicia Hardy in her alter ego uses their opportunity as her own. All is going according to plan when the subterranean ceiling comes crashing down and a giant symbiote dragon flops through. Hate it when that happens. Black Cat wants to punch who ever just ruined her score and swings herself right into the middle of the Avengers last stand against Knull.

This was good. It seemed so natural that A leads to B leads to its the end of the world and what good is a cat burglar in the middle of it all? Black Cat has a moment with Captain America which, damn, more of that in this comic. I don’t know what happened to Diamondhead over the years but I would be all for redoing the Cap falls in love with an ex super villain love story. Black Cat sees the heroes fall and somehow gets away. That is her gift after all, always landing on her feet. The issue ends with Felicia preparing her latest heist, one which might just turn the tide in this war against the King in Black.

Issue 2 is next to me and the only reason I didn’t call my local shop today for issue 3 is I’m pretty sure they order enough copies of this book I know one will be on the shelf. (Also, I already harassed them for another comic today and I don’t want to push it.) I’m definitely in for the entire series.

The art shows physical differences in Felicia depending on her emotions in the moment. Toying with prey, feeling out of her league in battle, giving a sly look to Cap, taking command of a room and planning the next step.

She is not one to take lightly. Which is a change from how I remember her being portrayed. Not even Spider-Man’s girlfriend. But Spider-Man’s booty call. She exuded sex but she didn’t exude bring her home to Aunt May. Here, that body confident woman still exists but she is also confident in her skills, her mind, her abilities. Much like Harley Quinn became a better character the further she got away from the Joker, Felicia is better as the star and not as the side piece sidekick.

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