Black Cat #2 Review.

From Jed MacKay, writer. C. F. Villa, artist. Brian Reber, color artist. Ferran Delgado, letterer. Part of the King in Black event. Published by Marvel Comics.

Welcome to I’m going to end up buying too many Black Cat variant costume figures. This was cool and shocking.

Alright, spoiler time here. To not tell everything about this issue I have to tell some thing about last issue.

Before falling to Knull’s army Captain America instructed Black Cat to use her skills to free the one power that might change the course of this battle. Black Cat has to steal Doctor Strange back from Knull. Not an easy task. Black Cat has her team of Bruno and Doctor Korpse. Along the way they recruit symbiote expert Doctor Steve. In previous Black Cat comics (which I now have to buy because this has been great), Felicia robbed Doctor Strange and befriended a ghost dog named Bats. This team has to get inside the symbiote goo sphere on top of the Empire State Building, free Strange, and get out. Doctor Steve has some anti symbiote costumes that might help, and Felicia steals some familiar vehicles along the way. When things don’t go as planned, Felicia uses anything nearby no matter how bad an idea it may be and therein lies the cliffhanger of this issue.

The art sells how cool all of this is to readers and Felicia. Put me down for one of each Felicia flying, her white suit, and her new suit at the end. She’s not crazy, she does fear death, but Black Cat also shrugs her shoulders in the face of danger and thinks pfft this is what I do.

Best of all if I want to know what she does all any one has to do is read her comic. I am reading King in Black as well so I know what happens there, but I don’t need to in order to enjoy this comic. Everything from the other series that’s necessary information is easily explained. Things that happened in Black Cat’s previous series are brought up as needed. I wasn’t lost at all. Every bit of it comes together so well I want to buy more back issues and sign up for future ones.

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