Black Cat 1 Review

I’m enjoying the new King in Black series so much I went back to the beginning for Black Cat. Where it all began.

Felicia along with her crew Doctor Corpse and Bruno are going to steal a painting. It’s a lot of set up but gets this team established and I think that’s so later issues can get ready into the capers.

In a way the KIB issues have spoiled things for me. While this is very street level “normal” people no crazy super heroics than later issues, I love small starts to epics. Little painting, a revelation, and a set ups for the next issue.

I’m still loving the body language and movement that is captured every time Felicia wants to show control of the situation. Comic fans have always discussed “my” version of a hero. Dropping off a title after that version is gone even though the hero remains. Maybe this is my version of Black Cat. Thanks to this creative team I’m invested in her more than I’ve ever been before. I’m buying up all the issues. But does that mean when ever a new creative team picks up Black Cat, they’ll do so without me? I’ll be curious if I continue to follow Felicia once I’ve bought all of these issues and the KIB tie in is concluded.

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