Future State: Teen Titans #1 Review.

From Tim Sheridan, script. Rafa Sandoval, pencils. Jordi Tarragona, inks. Alejandro Sanchez, colors. Rob Leigh, letters. Published by DC Comics.

This is one of DC’s two month event showing the future of DC after the events of Death Metal. Some of these characters will be in continuity when the titles go back to “normal”, some will never be seen again. I bought it because I have a problem. I now collect certain comics when I like the looks of a character – or even better, actually like the comic and want to read all about the character. Gwenom but not all Gwen Stacy. Black Cat is getting up there now. And for some reason I dig the fairly recent member of Teen Titans, Crush.

Crush is the daughter of Lobo and has been on the team for a year or so now. She is on the cover of this issue along with what I’m guessing are future versions of Nightwing and Starfire. Raven is in the background. And so is, I’m not sure. She wasn’t named in the issue but is a Red Arrow possibly but with a Flash symbol tattoo.

Unfortunately, Crush is barely in the issue. She has a cool moment and I would like that expanded upon. However, there will only be two issues of this series so I’m not expecting to see Crush in the spotlight. Especially because (spoilers here, but the news is everywhere) Red X appears in this issue. Red X debuted on the serious Teen Titans cartoon and is now making his way into DCU proper. I thought the revelation on Dick Grayson’s future self was more interesting. That was an exciting twist I don’t want to ruin here. The Cyborg and Beast Boy team up has potential too.

As a tease, I’m all for learning more about this future version of Titans, but I know that isn’t happening. Also, the next Teen Titans series that will launch when this is over is a Titans school which as far as I can tell doesn’t feature Crush. I come and go with Titans titles and I think this new version won’t be a day one buy for me but probably a dollar bin catch up in a few years.

Now I’m off to grab some of the pre Future State issues of Teen Titans to see where their stories were going and if it’s going to be worth it for me to continue to buy comics just because Crush is on the cover.

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