Spider-Women Omega #1 Comic Book Review

Dennis Hopeless, Jason Latour, Robbie Thompson story. Dennis Hopeless, writer. Nico Leon, artist. Rachelle Rosenberg, color artist. VC’s Travis Lanham, letterer.

I absolutely only bought this because of the variant cover in the back issue bins. Very cool, a little cheaper than cover, and hey I want to read more Spider-Gwen anyways.

When the book starts the crossover is well under way. I’m guessing an Alpha issue and maybe a few more. Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) and Silk from classic Marvel Universe go over to Spider-Gwen’s Earth to hang out sometimes. This latest time the Cindy Moon from other Earth who works for S.I.L.K. and Jesse Drew start doing bad guy stuff and it’s up to the Spider-Women to save the day.

The banter and sarcasm was top notch. That’s usually the first thing to be lacking in a poor Spider-Man writer and it’s great to see it flowing here in the sister series. There’s a lot of good fighting and action and explosions all along the way and every bit of it looked beautiful. Plus, I love the evil Cindy’s powers. A gauntlet that can summon up the abilities of any super being it is aware of. I have to imagine there’s some sort of limits on it, like the same power can’t be used twice. A great trip through Marvel’s roster though. Then when “our” Cindy comes back with her own version of such a power it opens up that last little bit of classic Marvel lore.

A book like this makes a ton of sense too, and there should be more. Not really a team book but still featuring more than one person. I don’t know what the sales of Silk’s title or Spider-Woman’s title are/were. Spider-Gwen is popular but why not share a bit of that popularity? Having a series that focuses on a few solo heroes who happen to cross paths and hang out sometimes is an idea we should see more of. Maybe Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the Human Torch just want to grill some burgers one day. If a super villain chooses that same moment to get out of line, they can all run into action together. It doesn’t need to be called the Defenders, or Champions, or Amazing Friends. Just people with similar life styles hanging out.

So of course I have to look for the rest of this series. I know currently Gwen is fighting Carnage in a King in Black book. I think Silk and Spider-Woman got wrapped up in KIB as well. But hey, after all that is done, lets see these three hang out some more.

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