The Annual 25 Things to Watch Instead of the SuperBowl 2021 Edition.

Welcome back to the biggest post of the year! 25 Things I would rather watch today than the SuperBowl. This post goes back to the original incarnation of the site. The first time was in 2009 and I’ve shared a list most years. A couple years I would have done a list but didn’t even realize the Big Game was on until it was near over.

If you would like to see any past lists head over to this LINK.

There are rules for this list. This must be 25 things I would actually have a legit interest in any other time of the year. I can’t decide today that I want to start watching, I don’t know, This Old House. Also all 25 picks must be on TV channels. No On Demand, no streaming, no DVDs. Network and cable count but pay movie channels or pay per view do not. Marathons only count as one. A marathon can begin before the time and end after the time, but episodes must air in full during that time. Again, only counts as one. All shows need to begin and end during the current scheduled time for the Super Bowl. The SuperBowl is scheduled from 6:30-10 on CBS. All chosen options will be in that time frame.

The ironic thing is I will watch the SuperBowl most years for the commercials. As we’re still in pandemic era and many brands have already said they’re not doing commercials, I might skip the game entirely. I’ll let Twitter tell me if there was a cool Marvel commercial. We’ll see closer to game time.

On to the list!

  1. The Goldbergs. MyTV 630-7
  2. Big Bang Theory (2 episodes) MyTV 7-8
  3. Americas Funniest Videos. ABC 7-8.
  4. The Simpsons (2 episodes) Fox 8-9
  5. Batwoman The CW 8-9
  6. Saved by the Bell marathon E!
  7. Futurama marathon Syfy
  8. The Golden Girls marathon Hallmark
  9. The Amazing World of Gumball (3 episodes) Cartoon Network 630-8
  10. Bobs Burgers Cartoon Network/Adult Swim 8-830
  11. American Dad Cartoon Network/Adult Swim 830-9
  12. Family Guy marathon FXX
  13. Tosh.0 marathon MTV2
  14. Family Feud marathon Game Show Network
  15. Tom and Jerry marathon Boomerang
  16. DuckTales Disney XD 7-730
  17. Bobs Burgers Fox 9-930
  18. Family Guy Fox 930-10
  19. The Simpsons (2 episodes) FXX 9-10
  20. Star Trek the Next Generation HeroicN 9-10
  21. Spongebob SquarePants 9-10 NickToons
  22. Flea Market Flip marathon GAC
  23. Addams Family marathon FETV
  24. The Munsters maration CoziTV
  25. Devil May Care Cartoon Network/Adult Swim 830-845

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