Mercy Sparx #1 Comic Book Review

From Josh Blaylock, writer and creator. Matt Merhoff, artist. Eduardo Medeiros, colors. Sean Dove, designs. Crank!, letters. From Devil’s Due Publishing October 2008.

I’ve had this comic since 2008 and I’m not sure I ever read it before organizing my comics this week. I’m embarrassed to admit how often and quickly a cute girl cover can separate me and my money. It’s about to do it again this Wednesday on new comic book day. If some psychologist wants to look at a history of what type of girl I’m interested in throughout life, a peak at my comic purchases would be invaluable.

Enough about me though, lets talk about Mercy. Mercy isn’t quite a devil or a demon. She’s not from hell. She’s from just outside of hell. The small town one has to pass through before getting to the big city of hell. She has skills, she has powers, but she’s not full blown demon. Which means she can do some things they can’t. Things like track down angels.

In this world some angels have a pesky habit of blowing off their duties and trying a little thing called free will. Which legend has it, angels don’t have. Heaven and hell have some sort of working business agreement and because of that they can’t just go after these rogue angels. But someone who is a part of neither, like the town or circle of hell just outside, can take them out. For a price.

I’ve enjoyed playing with the mythology of heaven and hell since Dogma opened up the possibility for me. The hierarchy of angels. The differences between angels and humans. How a being chooses or is assigned a side. Mercy fits well into these pre existing concepts. She wants to blast some metal, get paid, and pass out in her bed. Same Mercy. Same. Damn these pesky angels thinking they’re human. That wasn’t part of the deal!

Now I’m wondering where Mercy went. Great looking character, great mythos, and everything in this first issue screams a hit that warrants buying the rest and keeping the series going. She’s not a one note character like so many cute girl character gimmicks have been before. I can think of multiple story arcs for her right now and I’m only familiar with the first issue. Comics like this are why I dig through back issues more than the new book wall. Only 12, 13 years later and Mercy should be a franchise. I’d be happy with her battling Vampirella or Red Sonja. Instead, I’m going to get blank stares while searching for her other adventures.

If you’re looking for a modern day take on the angelic legends, I think Mercy is both a great read and a character that would look awesome on a t-shirt.

(I see there is an “ongoing” Mercy series. But there hasn’t been a new issue since September and there was a year gap before that. I’ll be searching for these. Plus she has a crossover with Hack/Slash!)

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