Radiant Black #1 Comic Book Review

Kyle Higgins, writer. Macelo Costa, artist. Becca Carey, letterer. Published by Image Comics.

I was one of the few people at my local comic shop to want this today. Something about this idea just sounded interesting and I wanted to be in on the ground floor.

Nathan Burnett is trying to make it as a writer in Hollywood but all he has to show for it is a mountain of debt. He eats crow and moves back in with his parents but doesn’t exactly tell anyone the true details of how low he got in LA. While unloading the car, Nathan’s…. friend? Marshall shows up and wants to go out to catch up. After a few too many drinks they discover something floating and investigate. Boom! Radiant Black suit attaches itself to Nathan. He discovers a couple powers. Before the issue ends there’s a hint of a larger story happening. And that’s it for the first issue.

I’m convinced this is planned out far and there are things in this issue that won’t matter or seem relevant until many issues in the future. How Nathan accumulated the debt. Why this power showed up for him. Was he chosen, or was it random? I also don’t think Marshall is just his friend. There’s a secret here. Maybe they used to date. Or maybe there is a crime that only the two of them are aware of. Possibly a falling out over money. He’s more than just smart ass high school friend.

The comic and this new character look great. So far its a great bit of magical realism. Everything else in this comic is real world stuff until the power source and the suit show up. It’s too soon to know yet but maybe Radiant Black is the only super hero in this world. There isn’t too much happening at once. Here’s just a guy, he has parents, he has a Marshall, and other than this thing floating in the air life is normal.

Comparing it to Invincible seems too much too soon. I’m leaning more towards Darkhawk. New character, big mystery, and the lead is just trying to figure it out along with us.

I’ve already adjusted my pull list for the later issues and I think this has potential to be the sleeper hit new series of the year.

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