At Odds with Wrestling Homework: FWF Week 27.

Each and every week there isn’t a new wrestling pay per view, the At Odds with Wrestling podcast assigns a wrestling event to watch and I always latch on with my own opinions. This past week there wasn’t anything assigned. Until through the Twitter machine there was a call. Not just hosts but also other fans of At Odds wanted to know my opinion on the special episode that dropped this weekend. (what up Kevin Ford)

Adam and Joe have enjoyed the Figure Wrestling Federation from the Major Wrestling Figure podcast. Reviews and highlights at the end of At Odds and lots of fun social media talk. This past week the official FWF ended but just for shits and giggles the hosts hijacked the idea and made one more out of continuity just for fun episode. Joe booked Brian Myers’s Thrillzone federation and Adam took over Broski’s Turmoil. I listened and took way too many notes.

Justin Summers is here as the moderator. Some good hype introductions. I guess this makes me the Washington Generals of latching onto successful podcasts.

Joe is up first. As At Odds went over the official FWF episodes they stopped recapping in order to drive ears to the official show. I think I’m going to take that lead and not break down blow for blow. If you want to know, head over to the At Odds site and grab the episode.

Raven as commissioner is brilliant. I have thought for years that Raven should be in an on camera role for some federation. On a booking committee as well. I have to imagine there’s just too many people that don’t like him. Joe already has be locked in.

The show continues as a showcase of why classic ECW did it better than Attitude Era. Great angle with Vampiro, Goldust, and Luna. Huge fight with some ECW originals. Chris Candido getting the push he always deserved. Raven with a huge swerve during the hardcore match. I loved the Mike Awesome angle and think that could have made some real world money.

There’s also the WWE version of Paul Heyman booking an exciting main event scene. So not only do we have some good sex and violence ECW style but also a Smackdown Six type battle for the big gold. Seeing the Rock of all people go all out against those who also want the title raises the prestige.

I really liked this kind of Paul Heyman’s greatest hits booking and I would turn into Joe’s federation every week for a mature, well older, take on wrestling.

Joe explains his booking choices and how Brian’s last show forced him to make some changes.

Back to Justin and he recites his fantasy chapter of Stomp in Paradise. I have no clue what’s happening here. I know STOMP was a figure line. But I don’t know what is happening here or why. I’m guessing it’s part of regular FWF episodes but as an outsider it was over my head. Great inside references for us long term listeners though. Ed. Boar. I was marking out for the name drops.

On to Adam’s show. Adam takes over Turmoil for this week.

I don’t know where to begin. This was one of the most batshit things I’ve ever heard. I don’t think Adam just used wrestling figures. I think he broke out the Star Wars, GI Joes, maybe a Scare Glow, and so much more. There’s a space ship, burials, tigers. Holy shit the tigers. I couldn’t stop laughing once I heard the names. Well played. Nothing will top this.

Until Adam busts out the impressions! I’m f’ing dying here. Every impression sounds like a sarcastic asshole and full of love simultaneously. I wasn’t seeing any of the twists and turns coming and loved being blindsided constantly. Little disappointed he didn’t burst into song after the Hulk Hogan space hog joke (“we love the all of you”).

The piece de resistance though is the Shane Douglas promo. Taking his classic NWA title promo and spinning it for this show was a stroke of genius. I’m on the ground now. Wondering who I can text that will actually get all of these jokes. This show demands to be shared.

While every other twist and turn was a surprise Adam builds up to the final moment so well I realized what was happening a few seconds before the official reveal. All of it was there from the start and I just didn’t see it coming.

So which show is better? Well, what do you want? A one night stand or a lifetime of good loving? Adam put on a balls out crazy over the top show. But I don’t think it can be sustained. All of these big ideas out the door at once means how many ideas are left for next week, and the next, and the next? Meanwhile, Joe gives just enough to satisfy everyone and make them want to pencil it into the schedule every week. It wasn’t up against the wall and your body hurts the next day and maybe pulled a muscle but damn that was good but also no way I can do that again. It was satisfying though with some down time cuddle time and hey lets do that again.

All of that said (and I am fully expecting the DMs already), the entire point of this bonus episode was to do one extra episode. As a one off, Adam wins. His show was nuts but are those sustainable nuts? If this At Odds version of the show went 20 plus episodes I think long term I would give the wins to Joe because his shows would be spaced out better.

Now where are my toys?

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