Titans #2 Comic Book Review

Published in April 1999 from DC Comics. Devin Grayson, writer. Mark Buckingham, penciler. Wade von Grawbadger, inker. Jason Wright, colorist. Comicraft, letterer.

How does a comic from 1999 make me more interested in the series than most modern comics?

This is a brand new team of Titans, formed in the last issue. In this issue the Titans are fighting the H.I.V.E. and Superman shows up to check up on them. The new team needs time to form and time to screw up so they can find the right way to do things. But that isn’t going to happen if Superman stays as an over powered problem solving babysitter.

Throughout the issue we are introduced to every character, given histories, shown how they interact with each other. This is an over 20 year old series and I just saw it in one of my comic stacks and grabbed it for no good reason other than I’ve read some other Titans comics lately. I’m good. I know who they all are and I have reasons to care about every member of the team.

Meanwhile, I purchased Future State Teen Titans because I do like Titans but also because I’m enjoying Crush as a character. She is a member of the team and not named, barely given any dialogue, and just there for two issues. Damage has more character moments in this one classic issue than Crush gets across two modern day ones.

The art is great except for one panel. Jesse Quick runs in to talk to Nightwing and she has the biggest wedgie with a good portion of her ass hanging out. Later, Nightwing points out that she stepped up like a leader. I’m all for sexy comic art and I’ve bought way too many for that sole reason. But the teenager team leader should get pants.

As a long time comic reader I’ve been enjoying everything I’ve reviewed lately. However, a wise man once said every comic is someone’s first comic, and this issue is the first I’ve read in a long time that achieves that.

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