Triple A Baseball Heroes Comic Book Review

Where did I get this comic from? Recently I was going through things I left behind in my childhood bedroom and this was mixed in with other magazines. In the corner is a logo for your local minor league team, and mine has the Syracuse team. So it came from someone in this area. But I’ve never gone to one of their games. That said, is it any good?

This was a cute read. A game is about to start and by coincidence a lot of your favorite Marvel heroes are in attendance. Peter Parker takes Aunt May to the ball game, just like Aunt May used to do. The Fantastic Four and kids are enjoying a day off. Iron Man shows up to throw out the first pitch. Bruce Banner picked up an odd job selling soda in the stands. Sandman shows up and acts like a jerk.

A ball is hit into the seats and Sandman snatches it away from a kid. Banner gets knocked around and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Hulk gets mad and almost ruins the ballgame. All the heroes in attendance talk Hulk down by extolling the great parts of minor league baseball to him. Hulk calms down and enjoys way too many hot dogs with his new buddy while the heroes pretend to be regular people for a day and let other teams battle it out.

I’m not sure which direction this is supposed to get fans. The comic is all about promoting Triple A ball, but I also have to imagine it was handed out at games. The fans are already there. Unless maybe it was free comic book promotion night. This might get people like me to come to the game, get a free comic, and use the information inside to learn all about the farm system. It would make zero sense to provide this to comic shops in hopes of getting us to the stadium. Counting myself in this, we’re not stereotypically known for our love of sports.

Much like Kool Aid and Jell-O, I’ll add this cross promotion oddity to my comic collection. It was fun and there’s a certain sweetness and purity to creating this book for two American inventions.

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