Sci Fi Paperback Book Thrifting Haul

If you’ve been paying attention to the site, you’ll notice I have a new collection starting. I’ve sold paperbacks on eBay for years but the whole point was to sell something I’m not interested in. Then I read the Paperbacks from Hell book and it was all over. I’m also buying up this fan magazine that deep dives into genre paperbacks. All of this has added up to my own collection of paperbacks. I’m not totally sure where this collection is going yet. I don’t have time for all of my comics and TV shows and movies. There’s no way I have time to read a novel too. But much like comics have pretty covers some of these titles just look so cool and I’m finding them for less than a dollar while thrifting. I have to get them. Buying now. Details later. Anyways, check out this video for the haul I had in January 2021.

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