My Craziest Comic Purchase – Revealed!

Last night I posted that I was about to make one of my craziest, no THE craziest comic purchases ever. I’ve been buying comics since 1987 and there is a lot of odd things in these boxes.

A month ago there was a Facebook marketplace ad that looked awesome. But was about an hour and a half away, right next to my hometown. I showed it to my wife later and she said I should have gone for it. One of my friends said he would have picked it up for me. All too late now, but the decision was made if it ever came up again I should buy it.

Well, yesterday it reappeared. I’m sure my wife was thinking it would take years to see another one, but here we are. Matt, the Educator from the House Show podcast, sent me a link to the current sale. My wife tells me to start messaging. Yes it is available but there’s longer and longer periods between messages. This sounds like an act now situation. I decide to leave work early on Friday and make the hour and a half drive. Plus I have to be home by a certain time too because I guess someone has to be home with a 7 year old. So between 2-6 I have to do 3 hours of driving, find the house, make the deal for this item, get it in the car. Oh, and pick up dinner when I’m close to home. The quest is on!

I find out when I arrive that this is the same one I saw a month ago. For some reason the seller pulled that listing but the person never showed up. My gain.

Alright, enough build up. What did I buy?


Check that out. There are 20 spots on it. I have a lot of graphic novels in there but it could hold many more than 20 single issues either loose or in bags and boards. Oh, funny thing. I didn’t own any of those graphic novels before today either. This sale was for the whole rack with all of these comics included. 20 new to me books.

Best of all though, check out the side:

Look at that! I did some research and based off of the Now Comics and Disney Comics logos this rack is somewhere between 1991-1993. A crazy short window for this to be made and still around in good shape 30 years later.

I small talk with the seller. He has a ton of collectables. Lot of eBay and online sales. Picks up anything cool that he finds. Probably 10 years younger than me. He had a lot of cool stuff. He and his wife are in the process of moving and some stuff he won’t be focusing on – comics – had to go. To my benefit.

Then something crazy happened. He said, I have another.


Another rack?

For the same amount of money? Hmmm. I’m not sure if I can do two of these. Oh? A bundle deal? Plus my wife is in an extremely good mood and I’m lucky to have her and she’s saying go ahead. But where will this go? I already didn’t know where one was going, much less two. Crap. I don’t know that two of these will fit in my car. I want it but reality is stepping in here.

I summoned up my inner Tommy Dreamer and said….

“I’ll take them both. I’m hardcore.”

Let’s zoom in on that second one.

I’m debating removing the “new comics” sticker at the top and going with the original sign. But not unless I’m sure I won’t ruin the original. This rack also came with all of the comics pictured. So 40 new to me graphic novels just came home with me.

Oh, and I got some other comic book related stuff thrown in too.

Sealed boxes of comic book trading cards. Both from the early 1990’s. Probably around the same time as the first rack was made.

Our middle room (not quite a dining room, not quite a room at all) is slowly being converted into my comic room. A showcase area if you will. Plus a nice background for YouTube videos. This is going to cause a LOT of rearranging. But they look awesome. I’m already debating themes for what’s displayed. Maybe all Falcon and Winter Soldier related comics for the upcoming Disney Plus series. For years I’ve wanted to put out Christmas themed comics during the Holiday season. All possibilities lie before me.

First possibility though is spending this weekend cleaning up that room so the same wife who encourages me to be a geek will continue to do so.

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